Flirty Aprons Sale Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

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I have several aprons. they are fun and practical to wear.  Right now, Flirty Aprons is have a great sale! 10% off aprons, no code necessary.



This sale is coming at just the right time for Mother’s Day.  The perfect gift for y our mom, or the favorite mom in your life. Or treat yourself and your daughter to matching aprons. They will make working in the kitchen together so special.



Flirty Home is also having a big $5 Sale on Kitchen Items, No Code Necessary. Get everything you need to cook with while wearing your new aprons!


Both of these sales ends April 30.


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There Might Be a Groupon for That!

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Using coupons has become a way of life for me. I’ve been using paper coupons since before I got married, and I’ve been married for 35 years.


The way we shop has changed over the years. So the way we use coupons had to change, too. So much shopping is done online now. It can be hard, sometimes, to find coupons to use while shopping online.




Thanks to Groupon it’s easy find great coupons to use while shopping online!


Here are a couple of examples of online stores that are currently offering Groupon coupons:


Groupon Cold Water Creek


Coldwater Creek features women’s clothing and accessories, as well as items for the home and gifts.




Shoes for Crews has slip-resistant footwear in many different styles for men and women. From athletic to clogs to work boots to dress shoes.


Groupon Shoes for Crews


The Groupon website is easy to use, with a great search feature. After checking out the website, I’m sad to say that I have never used a Groupon before. I will definitely be checking for Groupons from now on!


Groupon is not just for shopping! You can find Groupons for events, restaurants, and experiences. Whatever you are planning on doing or the places you are going, check Groupon first. Whether you shop in person in the store, or shop online, there just might be a Groupon for that!



*Disclosure: *This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Last Minute Christmas Sale!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I haven’t! ugh… We had better get busy, as Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!


Today through December 19th, will be having a “Last Minute Christmas” sale. Over 1,800 resources will be on sale up to 96% off!

 Spring Cyber Week Sale!

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This is so great that I wanted to make sure you knew about it! This week, is having the Spring Cyber Week Sale now thru June 1st!





You won’t want to miss this awesome sale. Check out some of the discounts being offered!


Bibles up to 92% off

Books up to 98% off

Fiction up to 96% off

Christian Living up to 97% off

Personal Growth up to 95% off

Devotionals up to 94% off

Kids’ Deals up to 92% off

30% off Melissa & Doug

Kids’ Bibles up to 78% off

Arts & Crafts up to 73% off

Toys under $10

DVDs up to 98% off

Movies up to 85% off

TV Series up to 82% off

Family Movies up to 88% off

Movies for Kids up to 88% off

Music up to 93% off

Homeschool Deals up to 30% off

Gifts up to 93% off


And speaking of gifts! Don’t forget to get Dad a Father’s Day gift. Gifts for Dad are on sale, too!




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How to Make Soap Last Longer


My kids can go through so many bars of soap. Is it just my house? (Please tell me it’s not!)  They are not whittling soap bath toys. (at least I don’t think so!) The soap just seems to “melt” and be used up so quickly. Have you ever been using a bar of soap, and it gets so soft and squishy, it seems like a lot of the soap is coming off the bar? That’s what I mean by melt.


How to Make Soap Last Longer


How to Make Soap Last Longer


I usually buy a big 12 pack of soap at a time. We are going to use it, and it’s cheaper per bar. When I bring it home, I open the pack, and rip the paper off both ends of all the bars of soap.


I know, you’re thinking, “What?”. There is science behind this, though. By removing the paper from the ends, you can remove the whole wrapper if you prefer, the water in the soap evaporates. When the water in the soap evaporates, it makes the bar harder.


How to Make Soap Last Longer


When the bar of soap is harder, it doesn’t “melt” as fast in use. Now, if the bar of soap gets left in a puddle of water, it will melt, regardless of whether you use this tip or not.


In as little as a week of the soap sitting with the paper removed you will be able to notice difference. The longer the soap sits, the harder it will be.


I have used this soap tip for many years, and it really does work.

Don’t Miss Amazon Prime Day!!


I have been a member of Amazon Prime for a few years now. I love it!

We can watch movies online for free and download music for free.

I really love the free shipping for most things I order, too!

I also have saved a lot of money over the years by being an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon has a Prime Day coming up on July 15th. They say the sales are going to be better than Black Friday Sales!

Sounds like there is going to be some great sales you won’t want to miss!

If  you are not a Prime member, you can get a 30 day free trial and take advantage of the great sales on Prime Day!



Homemade Eye Glass Cleaner


There are four of us here that wear glasses. Since I love to make homemade cleaners, and eye glass cleaner can be expensive, I decided to make my own eye glass cleaner. Homemade eye glass cleaner can be made cheaply and easily. And it works great, too!

Homemade Eye Glass Cleaner

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