A Unique Wedding Shower Idea

My youngest daughter is getting married in September, so I recently hosted a wedding shower for her and her fiance. Fiance didn’t really want to come. My daughter told him he had to, though. lol So I endeavored to make the shower as guy friendly as I could so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, and would have a good time.


We are in Kentucky, and fiance is from Tennessee. So I came up with the “Kentucky meets Tennessee” wedding shower theme. Once I had the idea, everything else fell into place.


I had my husband draw out a big K, T, and the word meets on poster board. I colored them with markers, and cut them out. We hung them on the focal wall with a poster of one of their engagement pictures that I had made. The poster looks crooked in the picture for some reason, but was not crooked in real life. lol




I put two gift tables on the focal wall. Covering one with a Kentucky tablecloth, and the other with a Tennessee table cloth. My daughter decorated the chairs with blue and orange tablecloths.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


I also used blue and orange tablecloths on the tables.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


Since I was trying to keep all the decorations guy friendly, I used these blue and orange sprays that I got for $1.25 each. I mixed the colors ups to keep it a little festive.




I served guy friendly food in the kitchen of the hall, using blue and orange paper products and utensils. I forgot to take a picture of the food! I served hot dogs, hot dog chili that I made, along with cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish. I had corn chips for those that didn’t want a hot dog, so they could put the chili and cheese on those. I also served nacho chips, the ones in the red bag, because those are a favorite of fiance.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


I set up the dessert table on the wall to the right of the gift table. My daughter hung some or their engagement pictures on the wall above. I used blue and orange plates & utensils, Kentucky napkins & Tennessee napkins.




I made the “Kentucky meets Tennessee” cake myself. I used boxed mixes, chocolate & yellow side by side, and made the frosting myself. Except the black. That is from a tube. Because black frosting is really hard to make.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


I orded 3 dozen cookies from a local person. I had 1 1/2 dozen in the shape of the state of Tennessee that said “TN Boy”.




And 1 1/2 dozen in the shape of the state of Kentucky that said “KY girl”. Unfortunately, the baker didn’t have time to do the writing. She did send along an edible marker. After I asked for frosting to do the writing myself. My husband did the writing on all the cookies. They looked ok. Not nearly as nice as the would have if the writing was in frosting, though. I was a little upset. As the baker still charged me full price. Didn’t even offer any kind of discount or anything. Offering a discount of even a dollar or two a dozen would have gone a long way. I probably won’t use this baker again. Unfortunately.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


For a little decoration on the dessert table, we used a stuffed Tennessee dog and a stuffed Kentucky Wildcat. We had them hold the opposite color balloon, and they looked really cute.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


On the wall to the left of the focal wall, I put all the drinks. My daughter hung more engagement pictures. Yes, they took a ton! Water bottles, Ale81 (a soda made in Kentucky), and Dr. Pepper, the fiance’s favorite soda. My daughter brought the 2 liter bottles of soda. I also served lemonade and sweet tea. Which is iced tea with too much sugar in it. lol


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


In keeping with the Kentucky meets Tennessee theme, I labeled the drinks. The lemonade became “Kentucky Moonshine”. And the sweet tea became “Tennessee Fire Ball”. No alcohol in either drink, just the names. lol


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


I tried to keep the games guy friendly, too. So no clothespin or safety pin games.  So I came up with 2 word games. Not as guy friendly as a ball game, but not too bad. lol  I came up with 20 words that had to do with the bride & groom, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I used an online word scrambler to do the scrambling. So I didn’t scramble my brain. lol For the other game, I asked them a list of questions, then used their answers to form 20 questions about them. Guests had to answer Abby, Austin, or Both.


A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


Everyone had a great time! Including the fiance! So this unique wedding shower was a hit!


You can take this idea and make it work for any opposite sports teams, color schemes, or to combine the bride and grooms interest into one shower. This idea would also work for combined birthday parties for kids. The decorations, food, and games are all easily customize to your event.


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A Unique Wedding Shower Idea


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How to Show Hospitality in the Home

I talked before about what hospitality is and why I think everyone should do it.  I lightly touched on the how. Now I want to go more in depth about the how of hospitality.

How someone practices hospitality is going to be different for everyone.  There isn’t just one way to entertain guests in your home. The first step is to decide what you want to do while your guests are in your home. A sit down dinner? A cook out? A game night? A movie screening? inviting others in to share your hobby? A friendly cornhole, croquet, or volleyball tournament? Those are just a few things you can do when you have guests over. Everyone’s list will be different. Make sure that your family enjoy’s the activity that you are planning. Your guests won’t have a good time if your family isn’t.

How to Show Hospitality in Your Home


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How to Start a Card Ministry

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The purpose of a card ministry is to send cards to people celebrate an event with them, to encourage them, to cheer them up, to make them feel better, and to let them know someone is praying for them.


It is very easy to start a card ministry of your own!
card ministry


How to Start a Card Ministry


You only need a few things to get your card ministry started.


  • a greeting card box or bin to put everything in. Not a drawer, stuff will get piled on top of your cards
  • a calendar – one that you can keep in your box
  • an assortment of greeting cards – birthday, anniversary, sympathy, Christmas – religious & secular, thinking of you, thank you, etc. It’s nice to stock some cards that are suitable for men, and cards that are blank inside. Handmade cards are really nice, too.
  • writing paper or note paper for when you want to send a personal note, but don’t have a specific card for the occasion.
  • envelopes – greeting cards & stationary will come with some, but you will need some for the note paper or handmade cards
  • pens
  • stamps – buy the forever stamps so you don’t have to buy extra stamps later. Put these stamps in the card box and don’t raid the box to mail your bills!


You also may want to include these items:


    • stickers or maybe a wax seal to embellish the envelopes
      return address labels
    • little stickers to include in cards to kids
    • Bible verses you have printed on paper
    • bookmarks, either store bought or handmade, make sure they are not to heavy, so you don’t have to pay extra postage


Here are some cards that I had printed for my card ministry. I used a picture that I had taken myself, and edited it on the computer to put the Bible verse on it. I had these printed for me because I got a good deal on them. It may be cheaper to print something like this yourself, depending on how much the ink for your printer costs. The ones that I send out don’t say Linda’s Lunacy on them. lol  You can pick whatever Bible verse you think will be encouraging to someone. Or have a few different verses on cards for different needs.



bible verse cards for card ministry


Once your box is stocked, you’re almost ready to begin.


Now you need names and addresses. I recommend keeping an address book in your box. Start with family, and all your friends, and maybe your kids friends families. If your church has a directory, get an extra copy to keep in your box. Names and address of co-workers, or your kids coaches & teammates, if available are a nice addition, too.


Now you’re ready to start your card ministry!


Birthday cards are the easiest to start with. Add a list of family & friend birthdays to your box to make it even easier.

If you hear of someone that has been sick, it’s easy to grab your box and put a get well card in the mail quickly.

If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, and they come to mind, send them a thinking of you card.


Once you get started sending cards, you’ll find many occasions to send them. Make sure you remember to restock your stamps and cards regularly!


You’ll find that people appreciate the cards very much. And you will have succeeded in encouraging someone and making a difference in their life.


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Making a Home – Homemaking Linky

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Cold and flu season will be here soon. If you missed this post last week, make sure to stop by now.


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Tips for Buying a New Stove

After over 15 years of service from my stove, it’s time to buy a new one. There are just too many things to fix on the old one to make it worthwhile. I have used this stove multiple times a day for 15 years. Cooking for up to 9 people at a time, on a daily basis. We also make a good portion of our own snacks and baked goods. That’s a lot of use for a stove.

Before I actually set foot in a store, I did a few things to make sure I got the stove I needed, for a price I was willing to pay.

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5 Tips for an Eco Friendly Home

*Thank you to Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s post, and encouraging me to share tips for a smarter home!

Here are a few tips that I use to make my home an eco friendly home.


Unplug energy sucking devices when they are not in use. Common energy wasters include your computer, printer, DVD player, phone chargers. Unplug these electronics at night or when you are away from home. I am a stickler for unplugging unused electronics. I even extend this to the kitchen. The toaster, blender, food processor, all get unplugged when not in use in my kitchen. The microwave uses a lot of electric just sitting there in between uses, too. I no longer own a microwave, but for those that do, unplug it to save energy. I use power strips for electronic devices and turn off the strip at night. That’s convenient for computers, monitors, and printers or TV’s, dvd players, and video game consoles. The energy savings of turning off the power and the convenience of not having to plug everything in again.

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