The Day the Snake Came to Dinner


Ok, so this happened a few months ago. I’m just now getting around to sharing. I blame the trauma of having a snake in my dining room!


My mother and I were the only ones having dinner this particular night. We were sitting at the dining room table, eating and chatting.

When I looked up, screamed “It’s a snake!!!” and ran out the front door.

This is what this section of my dining room looks like.


The Night the Snake Came to Dinner


And this is what I saw. Except it was a real snake! Not my sub standard drawing of a snake!!


The Night the Snake Came to Dinner


Back to the story. My mother heard me scream, but she didn’t understand what I said. She just knew I screamed and ran. So she’s still sitting at the table asking what’s going on? What are you doing?

So I had to yell back in the door about the snake. She’s hard of hearing, so I really did have to yell. lol She finally saw it and came outside.

Then I discovered that I had left my cell phone on the table!! Well, I wasn’t about to go back in there and get it! So my mother did. lol Which I couldn’t believe! lol

Shortly after that, my husband came home from work. He went in, caught it with no problem. Bare handed. And triumphantly carried it outside. lol


The Night the Snake Came to Dinner


“It’s a black snake. It’s the good one! They eat poisonous snakes!”


Ok fine but not in my house! lol So he took it to the field out back and set it free.


Where hopefully, he (or she!) really is eating all the poisonous snakes!


What Will It Bee – Gender Reveal Party


My niece’s What Will It Bee? Gender Reveal Party was so cute!

They decorated with black and yellow.

What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


The flower vases had bees on them. So did the tablecloth.


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


The cake was adorable! Don’t you think?


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


One of the games was to guess how many honey combs were in the jar. Honey comb cereal that is! I didn’t win. lol


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


They even used the theme for some of the food. This bee cheese “ball” was almost too cute to cut!


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


My niece and her husband had tshirts made that said “mommy to bee” and “daddy to bee”


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


Another game they had was What Will the Baby Bee according to these old wive’s tales. I didn’t had never heard of some of these old wive’s tales, so I didn’t even come close to winning, but it was fun anyway. lol


What Will It Bee - Gender Reveal Party


If you or someone you know will be having a baby, the What Will it Bee? Gender Reveal Party is so cute!


Don’t need it now? Pin it for later!


What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party

Meet My Granddaughter!

Just over 2 weeks ago I became a grandmother for the first time! My youngest daughter, out of three, and child #5, out of 6, got married last September. They promptly had a baby. lol About 3 weeks before their 1st wedding anniversary!


Meet Moriya Ann! Isn’t she beautiful? She weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces, and was 20 inches long.

One hour old:

an hour old


4 days old

4 days old


5 days old with my husband and I. A rare picture of us. lol  We just had a 37th wedding anniversary earlier this week!


5 days old


11 days old:


11 days old 2


11 days old


I found the crown in the gift shop of my local hospital. The package says:

The day you were born,

we placed this on your lil’ head

Cherish and protect it for your bouquet

the day you wed…

crown poem


I just love it! And it makes for some gorgeous newborn pictures, too! I debated for a couple of months before she was born, whether I should get one or not, as it was expensive. I finally decided to go ahead and get it. While I was buying it, the woman that runs the gift shop told me that she loved them. “You never know if we will be around to see our grandkids get married. This way, she will have you there with her.” Oh my! Now I want to go buy a bunch for future granddaughters! lol


I saw this on Facebook the other day. Love it, too!




Thanks for indulging me, and letting me share some pictures of my beautiful little grandsugar!


A Walk in the Country

I headed out my front door, across the front yard, and up my new to me stairs for my walk. My husband recently put these stairs in using recycled railroad ties. He needs to redo the railing, it’s too low. It was the right height for the stairs that were there before, but too low for these. The wild violets quickly spread out into the dirt between the stairs. I hope they continue to grow into all the spaces.




Turning left on the road at the top of the stairs, this is my view. That’s my mailbox on the left, and my dog in the road clearing the way for me. lol


country road


The neighbor’s barn.


country road barn


I’m told that this barn used to be a feed store back in the day. There is still a feed sign hanging up. All this land was then part of a dairy farm. Before we got here.




This is the view after turning around at the barn and heading back. You can see a few cows on the hill. The cows are the neighbors, but the hill is mine. lol We let the neighbor run the cows on our property to keep it from getting overgrown.


cows hillside


I think the vines growing on the trees look cool. That’s my driveway on the other side of the trees.


vine tree


This butterfly house is in my front yard. We have never seen a butterfly coming or going from it. I did read that the butterflies go in, lay their eggs, and go right back out again. So that’s probably why. This year, the honeysuckle vine is trying to overtake it.


honeysuckle butterfly house


There are wild roses everywhere around here, and they are just starting to bloom. They smell amazing!


wild rose


The wild Daisies are also just starting to bloom.




Spring is my favorite season! So many things growing and blooming!




It’s been one week today.


And I can still barely talk about it.


What was my in-law’s house, that is right next door to us, burned down. Two of our sons, and one’s fiancee lived there. We had split it up into 2 separate “apartments”.


For about 30 terrifying minutes, I thought one son & his fiancee were in there. (Other son was at work)




I had just talked to them about an hour and a half earlier, and they were there. He had gotten off work early, so was home. Otherwise, she would have been there by herself when the fire started. They don’t have a car, so I couldn’t tell if they were there or not, and they weren’t answering their cell phone.


I didn’t know that someone had picked them up.


So as far as I knew at the time, they were inside.  It was horrible.


They were out, and getting ready to go to the next town to go out to eat, when they saw smoke in our direction. They came over here to see what it was before they went.


Thank God they were not in the house!




So we have spent the last week shifting through the rubble trying to find anything that is left (there isn’t much, it burnt to the ground), trying to find places to live for them, replacing medicine, and a million other things that need to be done when you loose everything in a house fire.




We still had the majority of my husband’s parent’s belongings in the house. We had a lot of our stuff over there, too. Furniture, tools, hobby supplies (including all the model cars my husband, myself, and our 6 kids had made over the years), to name a few. Then our 2 sons, and a fiancee lost everything they owned.


There was no insurance. The fire department didn’t try to find out what caused it. Probably because the house burnt to the ground. Maybe because there was no insurance company to report to. Either way, we will never know what started it. We do know it wasn’t the wood stove that we used to heat with, as it had been warm here and there had been no fire in the stove for at least 3 days.


So much was lost in this fire. I still can’t even think straight.


But no lives were lost.


And that’s the most important thing!



(I could not bring myself to take any pictures during the fire. I borrowed this pictures from our fire department’s Facebook page. So photo credit to PCFD)

I Quit


I quit my new job today. The one I’ve had for 3 weeks. The one I got after having not having worked full time in 32 years.

I went to work to start replacing my husbands income. He has literally become allergic to his work. Literally. So we are trying to figure out ways to replace his income so he can quit his job before he gets any sicker.

I got hired for a second shift work at home job. It has been awful for my family, though. I did not think that it would be that hard on my family. I knew it would be an adjustment for everyone. But it was much, much harder on them than I thought it would be.

I always put my family first. It’s who I am. I can not, and will not sacrifice my family for money. No amount of money is worth putting my family through a hard time.

I asked for a shift change, but I would have had to work two more weeks before being able to ask for a switch, and then there is no guarantee.

So after much prayer, thought, and discussion with my husband, I decided to quit. And, no, my husband did not tell, ask, or force me to quit. It was totally my decision.

I will be going back to work full time when my family situation changes. I.E. when my youngest son graduates high school.


I Quit


So I quit my job today. And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


In the Kitchen with Linda – & a Life Update

It seems like forever since I’ve shared an In the Kitchen with Linda post. I have indeed been in the kitchen. My family sees to that. lol


I do cook different during the summer months. So I haven’t spent as much time in the kitchen as I do the other months of the year.


In the Kitchen with Linda


Back in January, I shared What Do I Want My Second Act to Look Like? I recently decided to get back into the work force after not working for 32 years. Oh, I was a consultant for a kitchen wares company a couple of different times. I am currently an ambassador for a health and wellness company, as well as working for this blog and on social media. But it’s been 32 years since I have had a regular, full time, work schedule.


I have accepted a job as a customer service representative. I will be working full time from home answering calls. This is for a legit company that I had to do the same pre-employment checks as if I was working on-site for a company. Drug test, background check, etc. (Yes, I passed both. lol)


It’s going to be an adjustment for my husband and our one remaining under 18, homeschooling, son. I will be working afternoons & evenings. We are still homeschooling. I will still have plenty of time to homeschool him. He mostly works independently anyway.


What does this life update have to do with being in the kitchen?


Well, I now need your help! What are some quick and easy, nutritious meals that my meat and potatoes husband and prefers fast food teenager will like?


I’ve got the meat and potatoes in the slow cooker covered. And the fries and chicken strips in the oven covered. lol


So please share your ideas for meals that can either be made ahead, put in the slow cooker, or would be super easy for my husband & son to put together.


A big thank you for sharing ideas with me!