Works For Me Wednesday – Spice Drawer

I’ve written about my spice drawer before. Now I’m back to say it Works For Me.
The spices in the drawer next to the stove is more convienent than in the upper cabinet, not to mention, it makes everything easier to find! I moved all the cooking utensils to a mason jar on the counter, but I will probably move some back, as there are too many on the counter.

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  1. I wish I had a drawer right next to my stove – I do believe it would be more convenient.

  2. Kathy Days says:

    Great idea! I think I’ll try it, it makes so much sense! thanks for sharing.

  3. oooh, what a lovely neat drawer.

    I use very little spices (about 10 or less) and I keep it in a standing spice rack next to the stove. It stands one spice bottle deep, if that makes sense :)

    Organising Queen and
    Marcia’s take charge blog

  4. texastanya says:

    I do that too! I love that I can now easily see which spices I have, and which ones are low or need to be replaced. Having them down low makes a huge difference!
    Great tip!

  5. What a great idea! I have been cleaning out a junk drawer and now, I know what is going to go there! Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, is your music player just at the bottom of your page? I tried to put one on my sidebar and it would not fit. Did you have any trouble with yours? Just curious.