Getting Ready for Thanksgiving


I'm swamped in Thanksgiving preparations right now. I wanted to take a minute (or 20 lol) and share what I am doing.   I do know that we are having at least 12 people. I do not know how many extras will show up. That's ok, everyone is welcome. I just need to make sure I have enough food!   Here's my Thanksgiving Menu: turkey (L) ham (g) mashed potatoes (d) stuffing (L) mac & cheese (g) creamed onions (L) green beans (a) corn (a) cranberry sauce (a) homemade gravy (L) homemade dinner rolls (h) cornbread (k) chocolate pie (z) apple pie (m) pumpkin pie (h crust) (L filling) cherry pie (h) homemade whipped cream (h) Grape Juice (home canned using our own grapes) Apple Cider Sprite Water   As you can tell by the letters after each dish, I am not doing this alone. I am doing the dishes marked with L. I put my husband in charge of the mashed potatoes. My mother, who everyone calls Granny is bringing the ham and macaroni & … [Continue]

In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu

In the Kitchen with Linda

I love cooking batches of meat and putting it in the freezer for quick meals. Last week, I cooked a big package of chicken breasts. We ate 2 of them, and I put 4 in the freezer. I put each piece in a plastic food bag, twist it, then place all of them in a freezer bag. It makes it so easy to pull out just the amount I need.     Thaw the cooked frozen chicken in the fridge. I also will wrap the frozen chicken in foil and heat it up in the oven. Perfect for when I decide to serve it with something else that needs to go in the oven, too.   We had pork chops on the menu last week. I put them in the slow cooker with just some salt and pepper while I was put running kids around. When I got home, I made some rice and frozen peas & carrots.     Our new favorite skillet supper, Sausage Pasta Skillet, was on the menu, too. I served it with cooked spinach this time. I wanted to mix it in the dish before serving. Since spinach is not the … [Continue]

Making a Home – Homemaking Linky

Making a Home - Homemaking Linky

Welcome to this weeks.........   Making a Home - Homemaking Linky!   This weeks featured post is......Homestead Hack: Use Residual Heat to Dehydrate from Taylor Made Homestead.     If you've always wanted to try your had at dehydrating food, but don't have a dehydrator, here is a great way to get started. If … [Continue]

This is Your Moment

This is Your Moment sung by Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers … [Continue]

Thursday’s Giveaway Linky

Thursday's Giveaway Linky

Welcome to Thursday's Giveaway Linky!     I love entering giveaways, and have even won a few things. I really love hosting giveaways on Linda's Lunacy. It's so much fun to give stuff away! Now, with the Thursday's Giveaways Linky, you can find lots of great giveaways to enter!   While your here, check out my current … [Continue]

Chicken Saute with Balsamic-Dried Plum Sauce Recipe

Chicken Sauté with Balsamic-Dried Plum Sauce

  Do you regularly include dried plums in your family's diet? I have to say that I don't. They can be eaten in many different ways. Straight out of the package, or in snack, desert, or main dish recipes. I have been learning about California Dried Plums and there are many good reasons to eat them more often. I am inspired to start serving … [Continue]

Making a Home – Homemaking Linky

Making a Home - Homemaking Linky

Welcome to this weeks.........   Making a Home - Homemaking Linky!   This weeks featured post is......Turkey Treats from The Country Chick Cottage. .   These Turkey Treats are so cute! If you missed this post last week, stop over now to get the instructions. A fun, and tasty, treat to make with the … [Continue]