Making a Home – Homemaking Linky

Making a Home - Homemaking Linky

Welcome to this weeks.........   Making a Home - Homemaking Linky!   This weeks featured post is......Making a Twine Pear     This Twin Pear is perfect for this time of year. How great would it look as part of a Fall centerpiece? And you will be reusing something that would just end up in the trash! If you missed this Twine Pear project last week, stop by now for the directions!     Making a Home - Homemaking Linky   Now it's your turn!  Share your posts about homemaking ideas, recipes, crafts, decorating, cleaning tips, basically anything that has to do with caring for a home and family. The Linky is open all week.   Don't forget to visit a few other links while your here!   Your click is a vote for next weeks featured post! Having your post featured means I will share the picture you add in the linky, as well as the link to your post, in next weeks post!   All featured posts will be … [Continue]

In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu

BBQ Chicken Dinner

I am so enjoying the cooler temperatures of Fall! It makes me want to cook more. And my family loves that! lol   One of the dinners I made last week was BBQ Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, and Broccoli. This time, I used store bought  BBQ sauce. I know, I know. I do like to make my own, but sometimes quick is good! I tossed the quartered potatoes with some oil, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika, before baking. The family loved it, of course.     Please excuse the messy BBQ sauce covered plate. I started to take a picture of my plate, but decided my husbands looked better. He had more chicken than I did. I said Hey, Can I take a picture of your plate before you start eating? He said yes! lol   My family also loved the Beef Roast with Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions that I made last Friday. Of course, my family always loves this kind of meal. They would like it if we had this every week. I don't think they would mind if I served it … [Continue]

I’m a Winner Either Way

I'm a Winner Either Way sung by The Dalton Family … [Continue]

Sugar Twists Review & Giveaway

Sugar Twists Giveaway

Have you heard of Sugar Twists?   Sugar Twists put an end to the hassle and headaches caused by elastic, fabric hairbands. No dents or damage, slipping or snapping, and NO tearing or tugging! Sound too good to be true? Well it's not!     I've been using Sugar Twists in my hair for about 2 weeks now. I love them! I … [Continue]

Thursday’s Giveaway Linky

Thursday's Giveaway Linky

Welcome to Thursday's Giveaway Linky!   I love entering giveaways, and have even won a few things. I really love hosting giveaways on Linda's Lunacy. It's so much fun to give stuff away! Now, with the Thursday's Giveaways Linky, you can find lots of great giveaways to enter!   While your here, check out my current … [Continue]

Making a Home – Homemaking Linky

Making a Home - Homemaking Linky

Welcome to this weeks.........   Making a Home - Homemaking Linky!   This weeks featured post is......Slowcooker Mason Jar Pumpkin Bread from Momma DJane.     Ok, how good do those jars of Pumpkin Bread look?! This recipe looks quick, easy, and delicious. These Slowcooker Mason Jar Pumpkin Breads would make … [Continue]

Finding Noah

Finding Noah Small

Man has been searching for the final resting place of Noah's Ark for over 2,000 years.  There have been many attempts, but few have been able to fully explore the one place specifically noted in the Bible: Mount Ararat. In Finding Noah, you will travel to Mount Ararat which is located in Eastern Turkey. Agri Dagh or "The Painful Mountain" is … [Continue]