Even the Rocks Will Cry Out

In our Bible Drill class Sunday, we had the kids make prayer rocks.

You know, the fabric covered rock you put on your pillow with this poem:

Place this prayer rock on your pillow each morning. When your head touches the rock on your pillow at night, it will remind you to pray.
Place the prayer rock on the floor beside you bed each evening. When you get our of bed each morning and your toes touch the rock, it will remind you to begin your day with prayer.

Well, anyway, Bible drill is at 5, and evening church service at 6. So Zach had his in church. And during the service (which was a concert) he said to me several times “This rock isn’t working!” Each time I asked him what he meant, but it was hard to talk with the music so loud. (it was good!, just loud!) He even put the rock on my lap, and laid his head on it, and said it didn’t work.

So after church, I asked him what he meant. He said he kept trying, but it didn’t work. So I explained it again. And he said “oh” I asked “Zach, did you think that when you laid your head on the rock, that it would pray for you?” He said “nooooooooo!” with a smile on his face. And then wouldn’t discuss it any more.

He is just so cute! I guess he really believed that the rock would pray for him. lol

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  1. I just wanted to say that when I read your blog and heard your music that I brought back memories to me of my childhood. I remember a deep unshakeable faith that somehow I lost as I grew up, and how I desperately seek to recapture it. Thank you for this reminder.