Diabetics and Casseroles

Can the two mix? Sure they can! My dh is a diabetic and a big eater. So getting him full with out overloading him on carbs is a daily challenge. He (we) prefer to use diet to control his blood sugar level. Pills are a last resort (usually). So I hit upon this idea…

When I’m making a casserole, I make extra meat for dh and don’t mix it into the familys casserole. For example, is this picture, it was a chicken casserole, so he got a chicken leg quarter (sometimes 2) on the side. If I’m using hamburger as the protein in the casserole, I keep a cup or two out for him, and he adds it to his portion of the casserole.

This casserole meal planning Works For Me, and sure takes some of the stress off meal planning for a diabetic.

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