Frugal House Plants

I love to have plants in the house. They look nice, and they help clean the air. That’s especially nice in the winter, when our houses are closed up tight.

In the spring, my mother in law gave me a couple of spider plant babies. Here’s what one of them looks like now.

See the long stem taking off to the left? That’s a new baby forming.

See the light green baby is this picture? When it gets a little bigger, I will be able to stick it in a pot of its own and let it grow.

There are lots of plants that can be grown from cuttings. Check with your neighbors, friends and families. Anyone who has spider plants will always have babies to give a way. And often they are willing to give you cuttings off plants of theirs that you like. And they will most likely know if that particular plant can be grown from cuttings.

You can find planters at yard sales, or on clearance very cheap. The biggest expense is potting soil. It’s usually cheaper at dollar type stores, than at larger stores or nurserys.

I also keep an old pitcher on the kitchen counter by the sink to put water for the plants in. We drink a lot of water, and sometimes you want to start over with fresh water in your glass. All the old water from our cups and water bottles gets put in here.

While, it doesn’t seem like much, the less water you use, the lower your water bill is. In the summer, I use cooking water to water the garden and outside plants.

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  1. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    Hmmm..great gift idea!


  2. Your right, Niki, a baby spider plant in a little pot would make a great gift!

  3. I've always had good luck with philodendrons too. And I do like your frugal tip on saving the water. Pam @ Sallygoodin