Saving Money on Cheese

We love cheddar cheese…. a lot! We like to eat it plain, on top of casseroles, in homemade macaroni and cheese.

Cheddar Cheese can be expensive. So one way I keep the amount we use low is to use extra sharp cheddar.

I can use less cheese in the macaroni and cheese, and on top of casseroles and still get great cheese flavor.

This would work with any other cheeses, also. Just use a stronger flavored cheese instead of a milder one, and you can use less. And save money!

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  1. Mom2fur says:

    I use a mix of sharp cheddar with just a little Jarlsberg in my mac & cheese. Don't forget it's also cheaper to buy a block of cheese than to get it pre-shredded (although, when it's on sale, I love that pre-shredded kind, LOL!).

  2. shopannies says:

    we do this as well.

  3. The Prudent Homemaker says:

    I buy cheddar cheese in a 5lb block at Sam's Club. It's right around $2 a pound, all the time–and is often less than that.

    They have sharp cheddar for a bit more.

  4. I follow those tips for saving money on cheese, also. Unfortunately, we don't have a Sam's nearby. I think there is one about 2 hours away. When you figure in the gas for a 4 hour round trip, it defeats the savings. I wish there was one closer!