Storing Gadgets in a Small Kitchen

I love gadgets. Peelers and cutters and slicers, oh my!

The problem? (because having lots of gadgets is not a problem!) I only have four drawers in my small kitchen. I use one drawer as a spice drawer, which I posted about HERE and HERE

I could use about 4 more drawers in my kitchen. Which is not an easy fix. Unless you count re-doing the whole kitchen, an easy fix. And I’m sure my husband doesn’t!

So I have had to get creative with storage in my kitchen. I like to hang gadgets on the wall. You can get more storage in your kitchen by going vertical, and you get interesting wall decor at the same time.

Here’s a picture of one wall in my kitchen. I even hung my large wooden rolling pin. I also hung my cast iron corn muffin pans.

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  1. Great idea Linda!
    I hang my measuring spoons on hooks up under my cabinets- but I never thought of the walls! :-)

  2. Thanks Donna. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. lol