Freezing Chicken

I love to have good chicken in the freezer for quick meals. Even soup can be a quick meal, if you freeze the chicken and the broth.

When freezing chicken, whether for sandwiches, tacos, or just serving plain, the one problem that I have found is sometimes the chicken dries out. This goes for Turkey as well.

A solution that I have found, is to add a couple of tablespoons of chicken broth to the chicken before putting it in the freezer. Of course, a larger bag needs more than a smaller bag of chicken.

It keeps the chicken (or turkey) moist and flavorful. If your eating it cold, just drain the broth off before serving. If your eating it plain, you can leave the broth on while warming it up. If your using it in a recipe, you’ll have to decide whether to leave the broth with it, or drain it. It should be fine in most recipes, though, and add extra flavor.

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