Homemade Fabric Refresher

I like to use a fabric refresher spray once in a while on my furniture. Yes, the store bought ones work, but they are expensive. And exactly what is in them? Even if you read the label, you still don’t know what’s in it.

I just don’t like breathing in chemicals and what about the kids rolling around on the furniture? Are they getting chemicals on their skin?

So I make my own. Here’s how:

I fill a clean spray bottle 1/4 of the way with white vinegar. I fill the rest of the way with water, then add essential oil. I use about 20 drops, but you can adjust this according to how strong you want the smell to be. Lavender is my favorite essential oil to use for everything. I also like to use grapefruit, it has a nice refreshing scent. Just shake the bottle well, and spray. You will need to shake before each use to make sure the oil is mixed in.

Of course, try it first on an inconspicuous place to make sure it is safe for the fabric on your furniture.

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  1. Mom2fur says:

    I'd have to figure out where to buy essential oil, but I like this idea! It would be fun to try different scents! (Anything to get rid of the smell of cat, dog and ferret, LOL!)

  2. Christine (iDreamofClean) says:

    This is really interesting. I've never heard of that but it doesn't surprise me since vinegar can be used for practically everything!! I'll have to try this!

  3. Thanks for this recipe–I had been looking for a fabric refresher without fabric softener in it, and this worked great. I used a combo of orange and lavender.