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On my walk around the yard, I found one lone daisy in a garden that I haven’t even touched this year. We had a farm sign, until it fell over this winter. My husband has to dig new holes for the cement before he puts it back up. So I didn’t do anything in the garden there yet this year. I was surprised to find this little guy. Although I shouldn’t have been, as I transplanted daisies there last year.

The Echinicea are starting to open.

They are so different in how their flowers open. They don’t unfold like roses, the petals just grow out of the flower.

The Feverfew is blooming. I just love these little flowers. I think they are pretty to grow in a flower garden, not just in an herb garden.

This poor little geranium is looking a little bare. I trimmed it back before putting it outside for the summer.

It does have several bud clusters on it, though.

And the hostas in front of the house are sending forth their flower spikes. I probably should have seperated them this spring, as they are getting so big.

They have a very interesting looking bud.

Aw, now for the roses! I posted a picture earlier of the bottom rose in full bloom. 

What I’m finding so fascinating, is that the two roses on this bush are different! I’ve had this rose bush for 9 or 10 years, and this has never happened before! The are shaped different, and the color is different.
There’s a third flower at the top of this stalk. I can hardly wait for it to open, and see what it looks like!
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  1. Love that darling daisy! Your hosta is quite amazing! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

  2. Tootsie says:

    that Daisy is adorable all by herself there!!! Your flowers are very pretty this week friend…I hope you will share some more with us next week and the Fridays to follow!!!

  3. Its A Blog Party says:

    Very pretty!
    Thanks for linking up!