Blooming Flowers

We’ve had quite a bit of ran this week. We needed it, though, our creek had dried out. In between the rain, I managed to take a couple of pictures.
The Hibiscus bushes are in full bloom. This is bush number 1.
Bush number 2 has pretty pink flowers.
Bush number three is the biggest bush.
We usually have to tie the bush together, but we haven’t yet this year. Considering all the rain we’ve had, the bushes are holding their own, only a couple of droopy branches.
The Butterfly bush is living up to its name, and attracting lots of butterflies. This one is on the big white butterfly bush right outside our front door. It’s pretty cool to be able to look the living room windows and see lots of butterflies on the bush.

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  1. Love Bears All Things says:

    You must live in the deep south to be able to grow Hibiscus in your yard…I've had them in pots but they won't live through the winter here…we've had Rose of Sharon which is in the Hibiscus family and will live here…I was just looking out my window at our Butterfly Bush and thinking I haven't photographed it…Amazingly, it has continued to bloom even during drought conditions.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mama Bear

  2. zentmrs says:

    I love hibiscus, but have such a problem with white flies when I grow them that I've had to stop. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love hibicus…we have 2 of them, a ruffled pink one and an orange one. I have mine near the fence so they can kind of lean when they get full in the summer!

  4. Luna Miranda says:

    my grandmother has hibiscus in various colors. wonderful photos!

  5. Very pretty and enjoyed your butterfly photo.

    visiting from tgp…

  6. Love Hibiscus as well. Your butterfly bush looks like mine, White Profusion.

  7. Jami@ An Oregon Cottage says:


  8. Oh, such a lovely hibiscus, I haven't had such good luck growing them as you have. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Tootsie says:

    Hibiscus here is reserved for houseplants…and I don't have much luck either…your have the touch!