Blooming Flowers

Well, I went for a walk, and didn’t find anything new to photograph. Oh, the 2 butterfly bushes are in full bloom, as well as the 3 hibiscus bushes. There are still glads blooming, and one lone lily bloomed this week. But I have shared those a lot already.
I did find a surprise while out for a walk. I found Jewelweed growing where it isn’t supposed to. And that would be in the creek. lol The creek has dried up, and the weeds have taken over. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Jewelweed! 
In this picture, I am standing beside the driveway, and the goat pen is behind the bush. Alas, I don’t have any close-ups of the pretty little orange flowers. The pictures all came out really dark. It was actually sprinkling when I was taking these pictures and I had to use the zoom. Otherwise, I would have fallen into the creek. lol No, I wouldn’t have gotten wet, but there is about a 3 foot drop between the grass in the picture, and the bush. Nope, I’m not going there! lol
Anyway, we have had Jewelweed in other places on the property, but this is the first time in that spot. 
I found out this spring that you can use Jewelweed to treat poison ivy. One site said to take the leaves and freeze them into ice cubes, then you can put the ice cubes onto your poison ivy.
Hopefully, the leaves in the ice will stop people from using those ice cubes in their drinks!
While on my walk, I enjoyed seeing the Lambs Ear in the Bible Garden getting so big. No blossoms yet, but soon.  And just to keep it real, I included a weed in the picture. lol

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  1. Sweet Bee Cottage says:

    I just adore lamb's ear! I've never heard of jewelweed. Learn something new every day! :)

  2. Your lambs ear looks great. Mine looks rough right about now. Like the goats been rolling in the mud lol