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I find nothing more frustrating in the kitchen, than fruit and vegetables going bad before I can use them. Fruits and vegetables can be expensive. Throwing food away is a real budget buster. I’m not very fond of having to throw our fruits and vegetables away. Well, I give them to the chickens, but still, that’s expensive chicken feed. Of course, at least I get an egg out of the deal! lol

I have found out that one problem is I have been storing some of my fruits and vegetables wrong.

Did you know if you store apples near other fruits and vegetables, the apples will cause them to go bad faster? Conversely, if you have fruit that you want to ripen faster, put an apple next to them.

If you store ripe bananas next to green bananas they will ripen faster. If your trying to make your bananas last longer, that can be a problem.

You shouldn’t store potatoes and onions next to each other, either. Who know that 2 things that taste so good together can’t be stored next to each other?

Here’s information on how to store produce from Artichokes to Winter Squashes so they last longer.

Now I know why my lemons go bad so fast, I should be storing them on the counter, instead of the fridge!

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  2. Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet says:

    Wow! Cool tips! I had heard of not storing potatoes and onions together, but not the others. I had put an apple in with my peach bowl going to take out now. 😀

  3. Crunchy Beach Mama says:

    Did not know! Thanks for the info! Following back… :)

  4. Thanks for all the info! This is good stuff to know!

  5. Gret hints! I'm off now to move my lemons from the fridge to the counter…

  6. I use those green bags and my fruits and veggies last a long time. I can keep them together in the same drawer as long as they are in the green bags. that was a great find of mine.
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  7. Jeg blir gjerne med på dette. Hadde aldri hørt om den engelske utgaven, men syns det høres kjmeoemprsomt ut med en slik utfordring.Du er så energisk og flink, Petunia, og du fortjener derfor en liten award. Kikk inn i bloggen min :)Klem, Kristin :)

  8. Phanarath,Feel free to use, build upon, or critique anything I write. I am standing on the shoulders of giants after all and can’t say that anything I’ve ever written is the product of my own mind anyways.Take care, and I’ve enjoyed many of your earlier posts.