Easy Homeschool Math Workstation DIY

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We started homeschooling in 1991 when our oldest son started kindergarten. We finished in February 2019, when our youngest son graduated high school. That’s a long time!


I allowed my children the freedom to do their schoolwork where ever they were most comfortable. Some liked to sit at the table, on the couch, on their bed. Occasionally, someone sat at an actual desk. lol


This was my 10yo (at the time) son’s favorite place to do his math:



He said he was comfortable, and he did get his work done, it just doesn’t look comfortable to me. But it did seem to take him longer to finish his work. But then again, he’s a 10 year old boy. lol (well, was a 10yo boy, he’s 20 now!)

I read online about making student work stations, so I made him one.


Easy Homeschool Math Workstation DIY


Easy Homeschool Math Workstation DIY




I used a cardboard box I already had on hand, easily customized to the size that you want. I printed out some math charts and taped them one. He specifically requested a sheet with roman numerals.

That’s the frugal option. lol


You could spend a little bit and get one of those three sided project boards, similar to these display boards. I think I’ve seen them fairly cheap at one of the dollar stores.  Add some colorful math charts, and they will be ready to do their lessons or homework.

You could “pretty up” the outside. I think a “Do Not Disturb” sign is in order. lol



No more pictures, Mom!!


If you have more than one child, these workstations make it so much easier for them to concentrate on their own work. You can change them up, put different subjects on them. Make one for each of your children, and put a different subject on each one.

There are lots of ways to customize these workstations for your children!


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