The Wearing of the Apron

We love to wear aprons at our house. We wear them when working in the kitchen and cooking. We wear them around the house even when we’re not cooking. We even wear them in the yard and garden. Or *gasp* out in public!

Which was very common in the not to distant past. It’s a shame that more women (and girls) don’t wear aprons. Some will never don aprons, they act like it’s an embarrassment to wear one. But there’s a commadarie amoungst apron wearers. We’re united by common goals. The goals of making homes for our families and cooking great meals for them. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you work out of the home or are a stay at home mom.

I think wearing an apron makes me more productive. Maybe it’s because I feel like I have the apron on, I might as well do some work. Or maybe it’s because I don’t have to worry about staining my clothes when I’m wearing an apron.

Whatever the reason, I seem to get more work done, and the food seems to taste better, when I’m wearing an apron.

My girls love to wear aprons, too. In fact, when we go in the kitchen to work, they grab an apron first, and remind me to put one on. You notice, they choose an apron first, then remind me. lol We all have our favorite aprons, and like to claim them first. lol And, yes, there has been a few tug of war battles over certain aprons. *ahem* I even let them win sometimes.

Here I am back in January of 2007 right after I finished making this apron.

You can tell I was actually working in this picture by all the stuff on the counter, and the mixer ready to go. lol

We still use this apron a lot. In fact, this past Christmas, my daughter even wore it in the Christmas play at church !

As you can tell by all these pictures, we really do wear aprons a LOT.

I think she’s been sneaking sugar!

A couple days after Christmas, we had a cookie party for the girls in the family. My mother, myself (in the back), two of my daughters, and two of my nieces. If my older daughter had been there, we would have had all the girls in the family for 3 generations! We all had fun wearing our aprons, and making  cookies together.

All our full aprons hanging in the kitchen.

You can even wear an apron while playing in the leaves!

She’s a good cook, but she scares me! lol

Apparently, the only thing we like better than wearing aprons (and cooking!!) is taking pictures of us wearing aprons. lol

Do you like to wear an apron while working in the kitchen?     Or when playing in the leaves?!

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