Chicken Freezer Session

Krogers had chicken leg quarters on sale for 49 cents a pound in 10 pound bags last week. So when my husband went shopping of Saturday, he bought 3 bags.
Yes, that’s 30 pounds of chicken! So I did a chicken freezer session today. Here’s what I did:
I separated the legs and thighs on all 30 pounds
I put the legs into 2 ice cream buckets & put in the freezer raw
I baked the thighs from 2 bags, we ate some for supper, and I put  8 cups cooked meat in the freezer (2-3 cup bags, 1-2 cup bag)
The thighs from the other bag, we deboned and put in the freezer raw
I boiled the bones that still had meat on them
My son discovered a couple of weeks ago that he likes to cut the legs off the thighs. So when he saw me doing this today, he came and took over. I showed him how to get the meat off the thigh. It’s not something that I do that often, so I wasn’t very good at it. 

So he went online and looked it up. Here’s the website he found, de-boning a chicken thigh. It really helped him. He got the meat off in one piece, as opposed to the smaller pieces I was getting.

When the bones I boiled where done cooking, my helper drained them, thinking he was doing the right thing. I was sorry to see the broth gone, but he separated the meat from the bones, and we added it to the meat from the thighs I baked. And I’m over the lost broth. He was just trying to help. So no crying over spilt chicken broth. :)

If I’m careful with the meat, I can usually get 3 meals out of a 10 pound bag.  So I should be able to get 9-10 meals out of these 3 bags, depending on whether we have company or not.

It’s worth the couple of hours spent this afternoon, to have easy meals in the freezer.

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