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This is our second year celebrating Purim.  Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates God’s deliverance of the Jewish people as recorded in the Book of Esther.

Part of the celebration of Purim is dressing up in costumes. Here’s a picture of us last year.

We had The Queen of Hearts, King Xerxes, Haman, Queen Esther, a Rabbi, and I was the Queen’s Maid. I had two queens to serve! lol
I can’t say what we’re going to be this year. It’s going to be a surprise!
Here are the other things we do to celebrate purim:
We read the whole Book of Esther, during which the kids use noise makers every time they hear the name Haman. Yes, this gets pretty loud! 
We walk to a couple of neighbors in our costumes, and deliver homemade food. Hamantaschen and something else. We haven’t decided what that something else will be this year, yet.
We do something to help the poor. Last year, we gave money to a food pantry. We haven’t decided what to do this year, yet. Most likely we will give to the food pantry again.
Celebrating Purim has been great for our family. It’s a great family fun day. We also remember how God protected and provided for His chosen people. Which in turn reminds us of all that God has done for us.

Here are some links for more information about Purim:

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Do you do anything to celebrate Purim?

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