Storing Cookbooks

I love cooking. Which means I also love collecting recipes.

Storing this recipes in a neat and organized manner can often be a problem. Since I have a small kitchen, I can’t devote a cabinet to cookbook storage. How nice would that be, though?

I have some of the least often cookbooks and cake decorating books in the schoolroom. I stored the ones I use more often at the end on the kitchen table on a little cabinet. It’s actually a night stand.

I forgot to take a picture before I moved the cabinet, but here’s one after I moved it. I’m sorry to say, it was this messy before I moved it.  :(

We stored our aprons in the drawer, and yes, more often than not there was a tie or ruffle hanging out of the drawer. And you know what? That’s not even all the cookbooks and recipes that were on it. Here’s the rest.
It really was an eyesore. So one day it came to me to switch places with this cabinet and a small table I had in another room. So, after measuring to make sure the 2 would fit in the others spot, and that the cookbooks would fit on the shelf, I made the great switch-a-roo.

Ah…much better. A binder with the recipes I print on the computer and my household binder are on the top shelf. A couple of file folders on the bottom left, hold recipes cut from magazines and instruction manuals and warranty papers. Our aprons are hanging neatly from a Command hook on the kitchen wall.

I would really like a small bookshelf here to hold all my cookbooks. But for now, this works and is a great improvement.

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