Our Homeschool Week in Review

The kids have been very busy this week. They have cousins visiting from out of state. They even started their school work on Sunday night, so they would have more play time on Monday! The rest of the days, they have been getting up early to get their work done. Their cousins are homeschooled, so most days they had work to do in the mornings also.
Game time!

 The kids have been spending lots and lots of time playing outside. They even played out in the rain.

I found this picture on the sd card. They are training the kitten to walk through a hoop. There are other pictures before and after this one, and the kitten really walks through on its own. Too funny.

They have all spent a lot of time playing the story game together. This is a great game for groups to play, as all ages can play equally. One person starts and says one word. Then they go around the circle with everyone saying one word. You end up with some really funny stories! It’s nice to have someone who writes fast write down the story as it’s told. Great memories! My oldest daughter used to play this when she was younger on instant messenger with a cousin who lived in another state. They would take turns typing the next word. It’s a really fun game that all ages love to play.

We also worked on The Curiosity Files e-book Dung Beetles. We really liked the format and tons of information included. I learned a lot about dung beetles, also. Did you know that Dung Beetles were depicted in womens jewelry? Ever heard of a Scarab? It makes me wonder why they would choose the Dung Beetle for jewelry! lol You can go here to read my review of  The Curiosity Files e-book Dung Beetles.

Next Friday is Abby & Zachs State Bible Drill Competition. So next week will find them studying hard!

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