Saturday On The Farm

It’s been such a rainy week that we didn’t get much done outside. During a rare moment of sunshine, the rooster decided he liked my rocking chair on the front porch.

The other night, everything outside looked pink. Living in our little valley, we don’t get to see the sun set. Here is my view of the red sunset over the top of the house.

The Daylily’s started blooming. I was only able to get a night shot of the first one because of the rain.

 Here’s a planter that my husband assembled. He and the kids planted it with flower seeds. It’s sitting under the big butterfly bush in our front yard.

Last weeks flower that I asked about was a Celosia.  Thanks everyone for your help! It is an annual, so I will definitely be saving the seeds. 

Here are a couple of garden tips:

1. Using cardboard for mulch in your garden is very helpful. Not only does it keep the weeds out, but it breaks down into a protein that attracts worms. I heard this on a garden show. I called my extension office to verify, but he didn’t know about the protein part. He did say that placing cardboard in the garden does attract worms. So less weeds and more worms sounds like a win – win situation to me!

2. On tomato plants, every where little “hair” on the stem will grow into a root. So when you plant your tomato plants, plant them deep.

Here are a few links I found helpful this week:

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