Saturday On The Farm

The Glads are blooming this week!

These are in the a/c garden. They are all across the back of the garden. That’s the Iris’s in the front, they only bloom once, unfortunately. That is an almost finished trellis made out of branches in front of the a/c.

Hannah planted Purple Hyacinth under the trellis. They are growing, and will soon grow up the trellis and hid the a/c. Of course, we must finish the trelllis first. lol

Purple Hyacinth

Our Mimosa tree had a run in with some visiting kids who thought the branches were nice for sitting and swinging. We’re trying to prop them pack up in the hopes they will stay up and we won’t have to cut them.

The tree is blooming. I just love the fluffy pink blossoms.

Below is part of the Mimosa tree. It’s so big now, it won’t all fit in the picture. The grapes are to the left of the tree, and you can see the Rose, the Passion Flower and a glimpse of the yellow Day Lily’s in the Bible Garden on the right.

Speaking of grapes, we have a lot on the vine this year. And a trellis that really must be replaced in the fall when we prune the grapes.

See all the grapes? We are planning on making grape juice this year. That is, if the birds leave us some grapes. lol

And the Butterfly Bushes are getting ready to bloom! Always an exciting time around here. We just love these and all the butterflies they attract.

The Hostas in front of the house are blooming.

The apples are getting big, and weighing down some of the branches. Can’t wait to cook with these! Applesauce, Apple Pie. And I really want to try my hand at Apple Cider, saving some to make my own Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Hope you enjoyed my little tour this week. How are your gardens growing?

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  1. Wow just look at all of those grapes. How wonderful. I love mimosa too and they are not invasive here in Ohio so I enjoy their fluffy blooms. That is such a beautiful Glad. Have a wonderful weekend.