Saturday on the Farm

I just love the Echinacea flowers.

The next picture is taken from my front porch, looking left. You can see the small purple Butterfly Bush (small being relative, it’s taller than me, but smaller than our big white bush), 2 Hibiscus – one pink and one white, branches from the Mimosa tree, and some Hostas on the lower left. The picture is blurry because the humidity is so high, as soon as I walked outside, the lens clouded up.

This is our 3rd Hibiscus bush in the back yard. The Mimosa tree on the right is the same tree that has branches in the picture above. The grape vines, (that has lots of grapes!) is to the right of the Redbud tree, behind the Hibiscus.

This is a flower from the above bush. Now I know what leaves holes in the flowers. Beetles.

We harvested a cucumber from the garden!  My 16 yo son is holding it in this picture. We all shared it, and it was so good!

Look at the Zucchini!

And more cucumbers!

We have lots of green bean blossoms.

And look at the tomatoes!!

The apples are so heavy, they are weighing the branches all the way down to the ground.

Now that you’ve seen my gardens, what’s in your gardens?


Here are a few websites I found interesting and helpful this week:
20 Common Herbs for Medicinal Purposes
Growing Tomato Plants Without Tomato Wire
How to Grow Big Leaf Maple Trees From Cuttings


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  1. I love looking at your garden/farm! That’s my dream :-). (Actively planning my husband’s retirement/settling as we speak!) Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to see more.

    Following from the crew :-)
    Cherie recently posted..Getting Ambitious… Advice Gladly Accepted :-)My Profile

  2. lovely fresh veggies you got. loved that size of cucumber.
    mommy mel recently posted..Royal star gazer bloomsMy Profile

  3. Linda, Your garden looks great. Beautiful fresh vegetables to eat! You will enjoy those apples this fall too!
    Beth recently posted..Travels Near and Far: New Monthly Blog Party!My Profile

  4. Wow! Love your blog and garden. I love hibiscus. I really enjoyed the pics of the cukes and zucchini too. Please tell me why the corrugated cardboard around base of plants? I am curious. I have been planting in black plastic for its benefits and use similar cardboard around to band the base of my apple trees in winter to trick coddling moth larvea to pupate within it. Have not yet seen cardboard for cucurbits. Interesting.
    Heidi recently posted..Garden Ideas Week #1- Earlier HarvestsMy Profile