Saturday on the Farm

I was very surprised to find a Hibiscus flower this week. They’ve already gone to seed, but decided to give me one more blossom.

This Zinnia is the biggest, fullest one I’ve ever seen.

The Dogwood leaves are changing, and there are berries on the tree. Fall is definitely here.

And this my friends, is the tomato jungle. No, my husband never did get the plants staked. Good thing we put the cardboard down first, then cut holes for the seedlings. If we had a lot weeds in here, we’d have a real mess.

Our newest crops of lettuce, spinach, turnips, and radishes are doing well. Time to thin them out and make a salad!

The raspberries are still coming strong. We haven’t made anything with them yet, we just eat them. :)

A few weeks ago, I harvested a lot of basil to dry. I left the plants, just cut the tops off, leaving a couple of leaves. They are all growing again. Looks like I’ll be able to get another harvest or two.  :)

Despite being neglected by me, (or maybe because of it) the peppermint is still growing. I need to decide if I want to dry any. decisions, decisions…..

The flowers in the planter under the butterfly bush in the front yard are still blooming.  Next year, we will definitely move it out from under the bush, though. It didn’t get enough sun, as the bush grew a lot this summer, more than we thought it would.

I’m so excited, the Purple Hyacinth Bean is growing seed pods!

I can’t wait to see how big they get!

Speaking of seed pods…..The Red Bud trees are covered with them.

As is the Mimosa tree! Pretty, fluffy, fragrant pink blossoms all summer and cool seed pods in the fall, it’s a great tree.

The Mandevilla is finally blooming! I’m not sure why it waited all summer to bloom, but I’ll just enjoy the show. :)

A very full tour this week. And I didn’t even include pictures of the veggies we harvested. We got a yellow squash, a couple of zucchinis and cucumbers and a lot of tomatoes this week.


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  1. You do have a great selection of flowers and vegetables. I have that same variety of mandevilla vine and I like the glossy leaves. The flowers are not as large as the pink mandevilla I have.
    Millie recently posted..Fall FlowersMy Profile

  2. Darla, North Florida says:

    Have never been successful with the mandevilla vine, sigh. Love the fresh growing veggies!!
    Darla, North Florida recently posted..After The RainMy Profile