Saturday on the Farm

A few weeks ago, I sent the kids out to plant some fall crops. They planted turnips, lettuce, spinach, and I think radishes. The rows are only about 2 1/2 feet long. However, I think the one daughter used a whole package of seeds for each row. Look how thick they are!

Up at the top of the picture, to the left of my daughters foot, you’ll see a tiny, crooked row. I asked the daughter who planted them what was where, and she said she couldn’t remember. She does remember putting all the leftover seeds for all 4 veggies in one row.  Exhibit A of what happens when kids plant without an adult around. lol Should make for an interesting harvest. lol

The plants are all doing well, though. The lettuce and spinach aren’t a problem. All thinnings will be eaten. Same with the turnips, we’ll eat the greens as well as any little turnip slivers attached. lol  The radishes are the only thing that might get wasted. But then again, I’m sure the chickens will eat them. The goats might, too.

We harvested a couple of cucumbers, and yellow squash this week. As well as a lot of tomatoes, and the last picking of the green beans. We picked raspberries a couple of times, too.


The Purple Hyacinth Bean is flowering! When they say they grow 8-10 feet tall, they meant it! I think some of these vines are closer to 12 feet. This is our first year growing them. They are very pretty. I’m excited for the bean pods. to grow. I just read they are edible. After cooking with 2 changes of water. Not sure if they would be worth it, though. You can see a blue wild Morning Glory in the upper left corner of the picture. Wild because we didn’t plant them, they just grow wild around here. And like to come up everywhere. And we just let them. lol


Did you grow anything new and interesting this year?


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  1. Won’t that make for an intersting row of veggies, lol. :)
    Racquel recently posted..Bloomin’ Tuesday – Blooms and BerriesMy Profile

  2. I had forgotten about the purple hyacinth beans. When we were living in a row home in Philly, we turned the postage stamp lawn into a garden of raised beds. In the middle we had our compost bin. Every year, we planted the purple hyacinth beans around the bin to make it look pretty for the neighbors. Thanks for reminding me!
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently does your garden grow? september 6, 2011My Profile

  3. Garden Grumbles says:

    Fall weather has finally arrived here after a week of 90+ temps. Looks as though your fall plantings are thriving.

  4. The hyacinth bean is gorgeous! Love the pale blue morning glories too, and sounds like much good eating from your garden this year!

  5. Your garden looks great! We’ve decided to let ours wind down for the season. The bunnies discovered my first fall plantings.
    anne recently posted..Garden endingsMy Profile

  6. The hyacinth beans are gorgeous!

  7. Darla, North Florida says:

    I think it adorable that your children crowdscaped your veggie garden!
    Darla, North Florida recently posted..GBBD, CFT, FF and A Mystery PlantMy Profile


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