Saturday on the Farm

Even though we got down to 30 degress here one night last week, we still have a few flowers blooming.

The Mandevilla still has a bloom. It’s almost time to bring this in the house for the winter.

These are the Purple Hyacinth Beans growing up the tree instead of the trellis. lol Well, it grew up the trellis, too, it just out grew the trellis. This tree is over 12 feet tall and as you can see, the vine is taller.

The bean pods didn’t get as long as the package said, but are still pretty. The flowers are mostly gone, but the pods look cool.

These next two flowers are in pots on the front porch.

The Hardy Cyclamen in the bible Garden is blooming. I love these little flowers.

Each rose bush in the Bible Garden has a bud on it.

I have had roses up into November. Which is pretty cool.


The Dogwood trees is very colorful now.

And it’s time to harvest the Basil again.

My youngest son found a good use for all the leaves on the ground. Put them all in the trailer and take a nap! lol

It just cracks me up how he took his shoes and socks off and lined them up on the side of the trailer. lol


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  1. What a fantastic photo of your son………. one for his wedding!
    Autumn is really starting to make an appearance yet your garden is full of colour…..Lovely

  2. Looks like a comfy place to take a nap, lol. Lovely blooms this week. :)

  3. Darla, North Florida says:

    30 degrees?! Not looking forward to that at all. I hope your roses to get open before they freeze. Your son is very smart.
    Darla, North Florida recently posted..Rambling and Church Fall Festival UpdateMy Profile

  4. Garden Grumbles says:

    Your son cracks me up – that looks like a perfect place to take a nap!