Making a Home – Chanukah and Christmas

Christmas is over. Tonight is the last night of Chanukah. It’s time to start packing up all the decorations and getting this house back to normal! Is anyone else anxious to get the decorations down and get back to normal?

We had a great, relaxing Christmas. We’ve also had a great time during Chanukah. Tonight is the last night of Chanukah. My plan is to make donuts tonight. The kids don’t know it yet, though.  :)

I really adjusted our family traditions this year. We have added so many over the years. We had a lot. Too many really. So I did a lot of thinking, and dropped quite a few. I was thinking that a family tradition should involve the whole family. If I was doing all the work, and “handing them a tradition on a silver platter”, then it’s not really a “family” tradition, it’s mom’s thing. So I let a lot of them go. So far, no one has even missed or asked for the traditions I dropped. There are still a couple that they could ask for, between now and New Years day, so I’m not going to name anything, as a couple of the kids read here. :)

One thing I dropped was the homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I’ve tried to drop it in the past, but the family always complained. (Maybe it’s my fault for making awesome homemade cinnamon rolls?! lol) I tried having breakfast casserole. While they would eat it, they also wanted the cinnamon rolls with it. I tried serving Jesus’s birthday cake for breakfast. What kid wouldn’t love being able to eat cake for breakfast? Mine. They wanted the cinnamon rolls, and if I tried to serve both cake and rolls, they would eat the rolls and skip the cake. But this year, I found a winner!

This year, I made Monkey Bread! It was actually pretty quick to put together. And the best part? Everyone ate it and there was not ONE SINGLE WORD about cinnamon rolls! And I can actually envision the KIDS making this next year. Then I don’t have to make breakfast at all! hehehe So follow that link, and check out the recipe, it was very yummy. Make sure you watch the how to video. It’s worth it.  :)

Our Christmas morning Monkey Bread


I didn’t even take any pictures of our Christmas dinner table. But here’s our dinner table for the first night of Chanukah:

Here’s a picture of us playing Dreidel one night. I’m actually in this one! lol I’m the one on the back left, with the blue shirt. Yep, I am an actual person! lol

Now on to packing up those decorations and getting back to normal!!

What did you do last week to make your house a home?



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