Saturday on the Farm

The weather has been much milder this week. No hail storms! We have been experiencing Dogwood Winter, though. It got so cold, we had to turn the heat on one morning. A few things got a little burned by the frost, but most our our plants and trees are fine.

The Lily of the Valley is still blooming.

Lily of the Valley

This a Hawthorne Tree in full bloom. The fruit of this tree is call a haw, and can be used to make jelly. We got haws for the first time last year, but I wasn’t able to make anything with them. I’m hoping to try it this year.

Hawthorne Tree

The Hawthorne Flower is very pretty.

Hawthorne flower

We bought two new trees the other day. We stopped into the farm store looking for seeds and I was sadly disappointed to find only a small handful of organic seeds and the rest were hybrids. 🙁 They didn’t have the organic green pepper seeds I was looking for, so I had to find them online. We did spot some fruit trees for sale and decided to try a couple.

This is a little Peach Tree. Isn’t it cute? Hopefully, it will survive and give us lots of peaches in a couple of years.

Pear Tree

This nice, big tall tree, haha, is a Pear Tree. Behind it, is a Blackberry patch.

Peach Tree

These Blackberry vines all came up by themselves. yes, we have tons of wild Blackberry vines around. We used to get a lot of Blackberries, but decided they weren’t worth the inevitable chigger bites. These kept growing in the yard, and we kept cutting them. Last year, we decided to stop fighting them. lol Now we’ll be able to harvest Blackberries without going to the chigger prone areas. We recently put some old 4×4’s around them, and now we’re working on filling it in with mulch. Today, the guys added quite a bit of bark and other wood pieces left over from my in laws cutting their wood for the winter.

Blackberry Plants

The Blackberries have buds on them!

Blackberry Bud

I even found a few buds on the Raspberry bushes today. We can’t wait for some fresh berries! yum!


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  1. Spring is coming your way!!!
    Kate recently posted..Cape Flattery Trail, Neah Bay, WashingtonMy Profile

  2. Things are looking good in your part of the worl. It is always such a act of faith to plant a tree. Right now they don’t look like much but in a few years they will provide you with fruit, sade and beauty. Happy gardening!
    Lexa recently posted..The First Mowing of the Year and Garden CleanupMy Profile

  3. Our blackberry vines are just in leaf…nothing else yet. And I just planted 3 fruit trees – 2 dwarf apples and one dwarf peach. We don’t have a lot of room for anything too big…hence the dwarf variety. Crossing my fingers that we get fruit in a few years! Good luck with your trees!
    Linda recently posted..Flying, Floating, Fishing and FlockingMy Profile

  4. Hi Linda!
    The Hawthorne tree is very pretty! When I was a young girl, my two neighbor girl friends and I would sell things along the roadside ~ everything from lemonade, fresh squeezed apple cider (our greatest seller!) pollywogs (not our best seller!) and even tried to sell corsages made from clusters of beautiful Hawthorne blossoms! Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? Of course we didn’t sell one of those corsages ~ as you’ve probably guessed ~ who wants a corsage with all those thorns! haha.

    We’ve planted some flowering crabapple trees this year. Hope the deer don’t get to them. And I hope your little fruit trees give you lots of deliciousness in the years to come!
    Lady Farmer recently posted..Planting…My Profile