Saturday on the Farm

Yes, I realize it’s Sunday. And most likely, it’s Monday when your reading this. What can I say? It’s been a busy weekend! I never did get a post up last Saturday.

We have a few things growing and blooming. We will be working hard in the garden this coming week to get it ready to plant. Yes, we are a little behind. Since we have a long growing season here in Kentucky, we’ll be fine.

The Raspberries are growing!

Can you see all the Raspberries in this picture? There are a LOT of them this year. We usually get a small crop in the spring, and a larger crop in the fall. If this is any indication, we will have a TON this fall! yum!

I took a bench that we had that was falling apart, and turned it into a raised bed. I decided I liked the look of it with the 3 remaining legs still on, so I left it. My 11 year old son helped me plant it. My 17 year old son decided to hurl himself into the picture as I was taking it. lol

The left side is planted with Romaine lettuce, celery from the store, and a stray plant.

The right side has spinach and a couple more stray plants. I think they are watermelon and must have come from the compost. We’ll transplant them to our main garden when it’s ready.

I had read about cutting the bottom off celery from the store and planting it. So we decided to try it. This is less than 3 weeks old. So far, our experiment is working!

Here’s a picture of my little green house the kids helped me build. My daughter has lots of flowers planted in these pots. (ignore the kids pool towels in the picture! lol)

I was supposed to get shelves built to put the vegetables on, but that didn’t happen. yet. So the veggies live in the house at night, and I put them outside every morning. Here they are sunning themselves on the front porch. The pot has a pineapple top we planted. I’m not sure yet if it’s going to survive or not.

I have roma and beefsteak tomato seedlings, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green peppers and orange peppers seedlings. I feed them this week with compost tea. I’m pretty sure they smiled and thanked me. At leas that’s what I tell myself when I’m talking to them. roflol

We’ll end this garden tour, not with me talking to my seedlings, but with a picture of my Iris’s. These only bloom once, and will be gone soon. I love them!


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