Our Homeschool Week in Review

Another great homeschool week here.  The new schedule is still working out well. I’ve had a straggler a couple of mornings, but since he’s 11, I’ll let him sleep if he needs it. We actually are having a harder time  sticking to the bedtime schedule than the morning schedule.

We started a couple of new books and/or online curriculum. They’re review items, so I’ll let you know what they are and how they work out later.

The kids worked on another episode of The Geek Show this week. That’s what they named their show. lol Abby decided to make banana bread for a segment of the show.

That’s a black hanging up. lol The banana bread turned out great! I didn’t eat any, but the kids ate the whole loaf in a couple hours time. Abby arranged it very nicely for the final shot.

The kids have been on a walk every day this week. They usually are out for about an hour. Lot’s of great PE time.

This is a section of our road. Isn’t it nice and peaceful? Until my kids go walking! lol


Here are a few links I found interesting and helpful:

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