Saturday on the Farm

I thought the Day Lillies in the Bible Garden were finished. I was surprised this week to three more blooms.

day lily

The Hibiscus bushes started blooming this week. I just love the beauty of these plants. From the extremely interesting bud, to the cone shaped flower, and finally to the lovely large flower. This is on the bush with white flowers.

hibiscus blossom

We have two bushes with pink flowers. Gorgeous. After last weeks bad weather, these bushes were laying on the ground. I didn’t think they would come back up on their on. I’m happy to say they recovered with out any props from me.


The Butterfly Bushes are still blooming. Although, I started cutting the spent blossoms off this week. The butterflies, of course, love them. So do the hummingbirds, and all kinds of bees.

butterfly on butterfly bush

We still have Gladiolus blooming. They are just about finished, though. It’s always sad to see the last a plants flowers for the year.


All these pictures were taken by my 16 year old daughter, Hannah. I never made it out to take pictures. The plants in the vegetable garden are getting big. I have a nice cucumber almost ready to pick, too. yum!


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  1. Lavender Cottage says:

    Good shot of the butterfly and I love the colour of those glads.

  2. Daylily and gladiolus are my favourite flowers, but can’t grow them here. Even your species of hibiscus are difficult to find here. So lovely.