Saturday on the Farm

I have more pictures to share with you this week for my Saturday on the Farm tour. That makes me happy.   :)

As does this Rose I found in the Bible Garden.



How about a fun celery plant grown from the bottom of a store bought celery bunch?

It’s been fun watching it grow. I cleared out the rest of this raised bed to plant another crop of lettuce and spinach. i have netting on top of it now, so hopefully the kittens won’t destroy most of this crop.

Marigolds, amoungst other things, growing in the containers my daughter planted.



A fun little flower. And all the marigolds will be saved to use as herbs. That makes me happy.

Here’s a basket of veggies we picked earlier in the week. The green beans were just barely enough for one meal. We would have eaten more if we’d had them.

green beans cucumber lettuce

And  here’s the basket my husband picked last night.

green beans yellow squash

A lot more green beans! Yeah! Very soon, we’ll be getting this basket full every day or two. Then I’ll be pulling out the pressure canner. Having lots of home grown, home canned green beans for the winter makes me very happy!


Hope you enjoyed this tour of my gardens!


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