Bible in 90 Days Weekly Check In

As we begin Week 9, today, Monday, is Day 57.

Due to a cold going through the house, I did not have as much time to get my reading done as I would have liked. Taking care of sick family takes a lot of time. Needless to say, I am still behind.

I am still reading and making progress. I am most definitely NOT giving up. And neither should you! Keep reading!

We can ALL do this and finish together!!


Don’t forget the Bible in 90 Days Twitter Party!  To make keeping up with the party easier, they’ve started a TweetGrid for the parties. Here’s the link:

You can follow all the posts with the #B90Days tag. Just do a search on Twitter for #B90Days, and the results should be all the posts with that hashtag. I don’t spend very much time on Twitter, but I have attended a few Twitter parties.They can be a fun way to gather with others. I personally can’t keep up with them. lol The Tweetgrid linked above looks like a great way to follow the conversation.


Here are a few links:

Visit Mom’s Toolbox for the weekly Bible in 90 Days post.

Links for all the bookmarks for the chronological plan:


To help those that are behind, Mom’s Toolbox has a couple of posts to help you.

Do’s for Catching up With the Bible in 90 Days

Don’ts for Catching up With the Bible in 90 Days



You Are Here in the Bible (Ted Cooper of the Bible in 90 Days Ministry created You are Here in the Bible to help Bible in 90 Days readers get a snapshot of most of the books of the Bible as they were reading. His aim was to keep readers reading and not researching, therefore preserving more time for reading the entire Bible.  This link takes you to page of links to each of his entries.) These You Are Here in the Bible pages are great for yourself, or to do together as a family.



Ok, it’s time to leave a comment below with your progress.

God bless you in your journey to read The Bible in 90 Days!

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  1. Dianne Andrews says:

    Ugh. This week I would get caught up and then immediately miss the next day! By Friday I was 2 days behind. Managed to catch up at Women’s Retreat. After I finish today’s, I will be caught up (again).

  2. I am caught up for now and am trying to stay there.

  3. I’m still between a half and whole day behind, but reading every day!

  4. lindaslunacy says:

    You ladies are amazing! Way to stay caught up! If you do get behind, you keep reading until you do get caught up. Your such an inspiration to me. I hope your all having a great weekend!