Our Homeschool Week in Review

Last weekend, Hannah played in the volleyball state championship on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Abigail was too sick to play all three days. They lost the game on Thursday, and won both games they played on Friday. On Saturday they played in the finals for the state championship! Unfortunately, they lost that game and finished as runner up, 2nd in the state.

This was only the second year for this homeschool volleyball team and the third year for the boys basketball team. The boys came in 1st place! We play in a Christian school league, I think there is one other homeschool organization from a different part of the state. Our teams did amazing this year!  Great kids and great coaches!

So we thought that was the end of the season. However, I got a message this past Thursday night that there was an opening on the All Star team, and Abby was asked to play on it next weekend. She is so happy, since she wasn’t able to play in the State Championship. So one more game, about an hour away, then the volleyball season will be officially over for us. I think.

This picture was taken during Saturday’s championship game.

I’m so proud of Hannah and Abby for all their hard work this season!

Believe it or not, there has been actual schoolwork going on, too. Shocking, I know! lol The sick kids have only had to work on items that we’re reviewing. I have three reviews going up in the next few days. I did post a review for Classical Academic Press God’s Great Covenant Old Testament 1 last week.

I also wanted to share this review that I posted, Beyond the Rapidsby Evelyn Puerto. This is an incredible book about a Christian family in the Ukraine that faces persecution for generations. I’m going to make it required reading for my high schoolers.  It really is an awesome book, and I’m not saying that just because I got one free to review. You should really read it!

This week coming up, other than regular church services and band practice for two of the kids, I don’t think we have anything on the schedule. Outside the home, that is. There is plenty of school work scheduled!  Oh, I do have to take one kid to take the driving permit test. And renew my license before it expires. Can’t forget that! lol Having two kids with learners permits should be interesting. Oh, wait, I’ve already done this before! My older two had their permits at the same time! How could I forget that? I’m not twitching yet, but I just might be in a couple of months! lol


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