Saturday on the Farm – Compost & Seedlings

This week, I had my oldest son move the compost pile for me. We, ok HE, moved the compost from one side to the other so we could start a new pile. Here’s my compost pile made from pallets.

compost pile pallets

I had him move what was left on the right hand side over to the left. As you can see, we’ve already started filling the right hand side. The compost on the left is ready to use!

I thought I’d share all my seedlings this week. Here’s what my dining room window looks like now. The two big plants on the left are a Passion Flower and a Mandevilla that are spending the winter in the house. In front of the window are two trays of tomatoes, one each of romas and beefsteaks, and a tray of broccoli seedlings. Each tray has twelve paper pots in it. As of now each pot has two or three seedlings, but those will be thinned out in another week or two. The tray on the table has bell peppers. To the right of the window you can see the pineapple plant we started from a fresh pineapple last year. They say it takes two years to get a pineapple from it, so maybe we’ll see one this year. In front of the pineapple are two chive plants that my husband brought home. Shhhh…..don’t tell him I already have some outside. lol

seedlings in window

Into the schoolroom we go to see the trays of herb seeds. I only have one tiny, little chamomile seedling up. The chamomile is the reason I have the tray tilted up, it needs light to germinate.

seedlings in window

I was in bed sick the other day, and no one even bothered to open the dining room blinds to let my little seedlings have some light. They were very sad little seedlings when I finally got up and around yesterday. So I moved them into the craft room under the light. I had to build up the workbench with a tool box and little crates to get the plants up close to the lights. lol It worked! lol Until my middle son wanted to use the workbench. But my little seedlings were much happier after several hours under the light.

seedlings under lights

When I went outside this morning to take the picture of the compost pile, I found this plant coming up in front of the house. I was given this plant a few years ago, and told it was a house leek. It’s actually a Sedum, though.


And I was very happy to find another plant coming up!

Just in case you felt sorry for my poor snow covered Daffodils last week, here they are in the bright sun this morning. The ones blooming are mini Daffodils and the green plants in the back are full size Daffodils. You can also see a Tulip coming up!

daffodils tulip

I have other bulbs planted in this garden. They may even be coming up right now under the mulch. One of these days when I get brave, I will clean out all the mulch to uncover them. You see, this lovely little bulb garden is also invaded with poison ivy. It wasn’t when I first planted it, but it has been for a few years now. And every year in the spring, I clean the garden out and I get a bad case of poison ivy. It really is a dilemma. If I try to kill the poison ivy, I will kill the bulbs, and if I try to move all the bulbs, I will develop a severe reaction, I think. What to do, what to do. I guess I’ll just keep doing like I’ve been doing. Clean it out once a year in the spring, and suffer with a small case of poison ivy. sigh….

Any suggestions for a poor, itchy gardener? lol



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  1. use Berts Bees soap after being in poison ivy; it has kept one, very seceptible brother-in-law free and clear after clearing an area of my land known to have poison ivy all over it. Good luck.

  2. Beautiful plants! I get poison ivy all the time…Christine


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