Our Homeschool Week in Review

I looked across the living room the other night and this is what I saw:

Why, yes, Zach (12) is sitting in the living room peeling the bark off a branch. In the living room? When I told him to get it out of my living room, he said, “But I’m doing it on my lap.” lol Nope, still had to take it outside. He’s working on making a bow. He asked me the other day about making one, so I directed him to The Dangerous Book for Boys (affiliate link) book I had on the shelf. He found the instructions for making a bow and arrows. So that project is coming along nicely. Outside, where it belongs!

I got a delivery the other day that came packed in a styrofoam box. When Zach looked at the inside of the lid he said, “That looks like England’s flag!” Which led to this Facebook status:

Kid – What color is England’s flag?
Mom – Red, white and blue
Kid – Like ours! Ok, what color goes where?
Mom – I hate to break it to you, but I don’t have every countries flag memorized. Sorry to burst your homeschool teacher bubble.

He was ready to paint, and fully convinced that I could tell him where to put the colors. lol I had him get an atlas off the shelf and look it up. He did great finding it by himself, then proceeded to color the flag.

You can see in the picture (when you make it bigger) that the parts that are blue are raised in the styrofoam, making the design obvious. He did a good job painting it considering that water color doesn’t stick very well to styrofoam.

I was missing Hannah this afternoon, and went searching for her. I finally found her outside at the picnic table doing her math. I love when the weather is nice and they can take their schoolwork outside. So much nicer than being in the house studying.

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And that’s Our Homeschool Week in Review!


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  1. That looks familiar! LOL It seems like boys just don’t get the pieces-of-wood-all-over-the-carpet-isn’t-good thing! 😉 But it does keep that busy! We’ve been doing more school outside too. Is that iced tea? Perfect!