Saturday on the Farm – The View From My Front Porch

It’s the beginning of a new month so I’m going to start a new feature. The first Saturday of every month I will share The View From My Front Porch.  I thought about calling it The View From My Rocking Chair. That makes me sound super old, though. lol But I am, indeed, sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch when I take these pictures. lol

Saturday on the Farm – The View From My Front Porch

Out in the yard, the bush on the left is a purple Butterfly Bush. It might look small, but it’s between 6 and 7 feet tall. The little flowerpot tower next to it is planted with Sweet Alyssum. They are flowering, but you can’t really see them in this picture. Farther down in that bed, almost behind the pole/tree, is the Cat Mint. As you can tell by the tall grass around this bed, our weed wacker stopped working. AGAIN! The brand new one we just bought two weeks ago. grrrrr So that’s going back to the store, and my husband is going to buy to buy a different brand. Seriously, why can’t they make these things last longer? We’re lucky if we can get one to last a whole growing season. But two weeks is ridiculous! Ok, enough about the lawn equipment!


I took my 17 year old daughter to the local green house and had her pick out some flowers to plant on the front porch. One of these years I will build a green house (Ok, my husband will build it… and grow my own flower starts. The Pineapple plant in the round pot on the left is looking pretty sad. It didn’t care for winter in the house. (See? I need a greenhouse!) Of course, it would have minded winter outside a lot more! lol I started it last spring, so hopefully it will perk up and give me a pineapple this year.

As you can see, we had been planting the flowers and I didn’t even clear off the trays before taking the picture. That’s how you know this picture is real, and not staged! lol My little veggie plants in the other trays are waiting not so patiently to be planted in the garden.

Looking straight ahead, in the picture below, you can see the Cat Mint from the picture above, and the Butterfly Bush from the picture below. You can see the “Front Bulb Garden”. Planted there are Daffodils, a lone Tulip, Crocus’s. There were a few other bulbs planted, but they stopped coming up. Basically, they are all spring bulbs. My daughter planted Gladiolus’s, and there a five or six growing. You can see the Butterfly house, too. I’ve never seen a Butterfly go in or out. Maybe this year. To the right of the Butterfly House, those flowers in the bushes are Honeysuckle and Wild Roses. There is no better smell than Honeysuckle and Wild Roses! Not counting chocolate, of course. lol In addition to giving us privacy from the road, these “weeds” that most people cut down give us beautiful flowers, a place for birds, and you can even eat them. You can make Honeysuckle Jelly, anyone else love to just suck the juice out of the flowers? lol The Wild Roses have numerous uses, as well. I’m a big fan of letting the wild stuff grow.

Now, looking towards the right, we have the big Butterfly Bush ( also in the picture above), this one has white flowers. My husband gave it a serious trimming last fall, but it’s still over 6 feet tall. On the pole/tree is the Mandevilla . I had just moved it outside for the summer. I couldn’t lift the pot to take the tray out from under it. My husband had to do that. I’ve had this plant for a few years and usually put it in the back yard, but now that we have the front porch, I’ll get more enjoyment out if it here. It will look neat from the road (which is behind the tall bushes/weeds in the background) with the vine growing up the pole.  The flowers that you see on the right of it, are not on the Mandevilla, but on the Fuchsia in a hanging pot on the other side of the pole. I bought that at the greenhouse, too. I’m going to have to find another spot for it, though, it gets too much sun there.

You can see flowers in the two pots on the ground, they are Calibrachoa  The pots are in the corner of the porch and the ramp going down to the grass that you can see a corner of. The pots are around the same height as the one that contains the Mandevilla, but they are sitting on the ground.

Those are the Yahtzee dice I made out of a pressure treated 4×4. (Well, my husband did the cutting, I did the dots.) I try to add a new yard game every year, I found this online, and they were easy to make. We’ve played with them already, and it’s fun to roll the big dice in the yard.

I hope you enjoyed The View From My Front Porch!


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  1. I love gardening, too, and love sitting and looking out at the view and my yard! I popped over from Bloomin’ Tuesday.
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