Dig-It! Games – Mayan Mysteries Review

As part of The Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received online access to Mayan Mysteries Online Game from Dig-It Games. Dig-It Games was founded by a professional archaeologist and a former middle-school teacher. Dig-It! Games develops educational games that encourage kids to explore the world around them through historically accurate content. Mayan Mysteries is for students in fifth through ninth grades. My 12 year old, 7th grade son played this game. The Single User License is for one student. You can use it with more than one student, though. After the first child finishes the game, clicking the “Start New” option on the main menu will create a completely fresh game for another player.


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In Mayan Mysteries, kids help Professor Alex Quinn and his niece and nephew Fiona and Charlie solve the mystery of a looter that has been digging up Maya sites. While trying to solve the mystery, students will visit Maya sites, uncover & analyze artifacts, decode glyphs, explore the Maya calendar, learn the Maya math system, solve puzzles & gather clues to track the mysterious thief. While having fun solving the mystery, kids will learn geographic, scientific, and mathematical concepts.


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Dig-It! Games – Mayan Mysteries Review

My son, Zachary, had great fun with Mayan Mysteries. It’s very easy to sign in and get started with the game. No teacher or parent prep is required. I’d say he spent 10-12 hours playing this game. I wish I had thought to keep track of his time.  The only thing he needed help with was some of the Mayan math. I will say I’m glad we don’t use Mayan math. lol Once my son got used to using the Mayan math, he was able to keep up a steady pace in the game.

One of the things I really liked about the game was the adjustable volume settings. The music, that played through the game, and the characters audio both had separate volume settings. If your student works better without the distraction of the music, you can turn it all the way down. A plus for moms, too, that don’t want music playing all the time.

Zach said, “The game was good.  I liked when you had to find objects in different rooms. I liked answering the trivia questions, too. My goal was to make it through the temple gates, but I only made it there once. I didn’t like the Mayan Math. I already have enough math. I have math up to my ears.”

There is an ending to the game. After the kids have completed all the activities, a congratulations screen comes up. There is no way to see your progress in the game, so it’s really a surprise when they come to the final screen. Zach has asked me several times since finishing the game when Mayan Mysteries 2 is coming out.

You can watch the trailer below or play the Mayan Mysteries Demo


The Mayan Mysteries Single User License, like I received, is available for $21.99. The license is good for one year. There is also a class room license available.



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