Saturday on the Farm – Garden Tour

Welcome to this weeks….

Saturday on the Farm Garden Tour.

It’s been awhile since I shared any of the vegetable gardens. Well, today’s the day!

We’re going to start this tour with the Apple Trees. The branches on this tree are so full of apples, that they are hanging down to the ground. Last year, we didn’t get any apples because a frost killed all the blossoms. So I’m really looking forward to a good apple harvest. Apple pies to eat, applesauce to can…..

Apple Tree

There is a big mystery plant growing out of the compost pile. It’s huge! My husband thinks it’s a watermelon. I think it’s a pumpkin. There are quite a few blossoms on the plant, so I guess we’ll see who’s right in a few weeks.

Compost Pile Plant


The leaves of the cabbage plants are just starting to curl in to form a head.



Unfortunately, some of the plants are being eaten by what I believe to be cabbage worms. ugh… I’m going to be putting self rising flour on them tonight. I guess I should have done that already. sigh But it’s been so hot, I haven’t spent anytime in the gardens. I guess your wondering about the self rising flour. When the worms eat it, the flour will “rise” in their stomachs and kill them. It’s an easy, non-toxic way to get rid of the worms.

cabbage plant


Below, is part of our tomato plants. Thanks to the cardboard, there are very few weeds growing here. I planted Romas, Beefsteak, and I had some Rainbow tomatoes that I had given to me. I’m excited to see how the Rainbows grow. They were organic seedlings, too.

Tomato Patch

We  have a lot of blossoms, and a lot of tomatoes growing. yay!



The Zucchini and Yellow Squash have a lot of blossoms on them. I planted twice as many Zucchini as Yellow Squash this year.



Here’s our Potato Patch. We covered the potatoes with hay, so we have very few weeds here. We have lots of potato plants, though. I will be canning the potatoes when we harvest them.

Potato Patch

The picture below, isn’t from my vegetable garden, but I’ve been trying to take some pictures that showed how many flowers were on the Mimosa Tree. I took this picture the other evening. This picture is unedited. The pink is the sunset. The leaves on the Mimosa Tree close up at night, which you can easily see in this picture. When the leaves are closed, you can see the flowers better. I still wasn’t able to capture the flowers the way, I wanted to, I guess because I’m so short, and the tree is so tall. lol You can still see quite a few puffs of flowers, though.

Mimosa tree


What’s growing in your garden?



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  1. lisa lo says:

    A few tomatoes and a few Jalapenos is all that is in my garden.
    Yours looks good.

  2. I loved your article, it was very informative…would love it if you hopped on by our blog hop on Sunday…The Homesteaders Hop.

  3. thank you for the tour. It’s an exciting time of year, as we see the fruits of our labor begin to ripen, anticipating the coming harvest.

  4. What a great trick with the self rising flour. It’s funny to think of all those exploding worms!
    a gathering of days recently in the parkMy Profile

  5. Great idea for the tomatoes, Linda! I love using mulches of all kinds to reduce weeds and help the soil retain water. :)
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage recently posted..How To Make a Desk with Ikea Trestle Legs and Old Wood FlooringMy Profile


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