Our Homeschool Week in Review

Yesterday, I shared Our Homeschool Curriculum 2013 for 7th grad and 9th grade. Stop by and check it out!

As I was looking on the SD card for pictures of our week, I found this one. Abby spread out her schoolwork that she does on the computer. And then took a picture. lol I didn’t know she did this until I found it on the card. lol At least she’s organized. lol

She has taken a liking to doing her school work on the floor. I snapped this pic this morning in the living room. As long as they are working, I don’t care where they sit. So they are free to sit wherever is comfortable for them. It also makes for interesting pictures. lol

Zach and his 4th, and final, online guitar lesson this morning with MacPhail Center for Music. Review coming soon! He was concentrating on what his teacher was saying, he wasn’t bored. lol He’s also had a cold this week, so wasn’t feeling the greatest.

He has really been enjoying reading the Left Behind for Kids series of books. We already had about 20 of them when he started reading the books. Now, I’m buying one at a time when he’s ready for them. He gets so impatient. lol Asking numerous times a day when it’s going to get here. lol The collection was getting too big for the shelf I had it on, the top of one of these black shelves in the picture below. I told him to move a few of the books on two of the shelves and move his collection. Some how, he translated that to remove ALL the books from BOTH shelving units. sigh.

His favorite Left Behind books are the black stack by his elbow. He said he was sorting out all the books. Ok, maybe it needed to be done. One shelf at a time would have been better, though! lol

So Zach will be busy putting books back on the shelves. And I’ll be back next week with another Our Homeschool Week in Review!


Edited to add:

I forgot to share that I ordered them homeschool id cards! I get nothing for sharing the link with you. Until September 30, you can get a free id card for up to 5 students. They look like they are going to be great!


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  1. Hope Zak gets to feeling better. I let the kids choose where they want to work so they are comfortable also. Normally they pick the table. I can’t wait to read your review about the guitar lessons. I never heard of the Left Behind Books. I am going ot have to go google it and see what they are about.
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