Our Homeschool Week in Review

Abby had volleyball practice Monday night. While there she hurt her little finger while setting the ball. Instead of coming out to the car, where I was sitting, she buddy taped it and kept playing!  After she got in the car, she told me she hurt it and that it was taped up. I told her I would look at it when we got home She said ok, so I figured it wasn’t too bad.

Well, after looking at it, I thought it might be broken. She didn’t want to go the the er to have it xrayed. Since she had two volleyball games to play the next day, I told her she had to or not play the next day. So back to went the 30 minutes to town for a trip to the er. The same town we had just driven 39 minutes home from. lol

Yep, you guessed it, it was definitely broken. No volleyball games for her! So Thursday we had to visit the orthopedist. Thankfully, she didn’t need a cast, just to keep wearing the splint. We go back after the first of the year Hopefully, she will have healed and can get back to volleyball.

Hannah, 17, had an already scheduled orthodontist appointment on the same day Abby had to go to the orthopedist. So we really had an ortho day. lol

In case your wondering, I always take pictures of the kids in doctors office or the er. It helps to relieve kids nerves and take their mind of the pain for a few minutes. I take their picture, they take mine, then we look at all the pictures on the camera and laugh at the bad ones. lol So thankful for digital cameras, I couldn’t do that with my older two when we had to send the film out.  lol

Ok, are my kids on the only ones that think if a sibling is sick or hurt and doesn’t do school, that they should be off from school, too? Zach did manage to get some schoolwork done, but it was like pulling teeth. I’m hoping Abby’s finger won’t be painful next week so they both can get back to work!

They have tickets to a Christian concert tomorrow night. I can’t think of who it is at the moment, it’s actually a few people, I think. I’m not going, but Dad is going with them They will be sitting in a section with others from our church. Hope they have a good time!



And that’s Our Homeschool Week in Review. See you next week!


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