Our Homeschool Week in Review

I can’t believe it’s been a month since  I posted Our Homeschool Week in Review! Wow! We have been busy, though.

After many, many practices, many games, and a three day tournament, Abby’s homeschool volleyball team came in 3rd in their division at the State Tournament. They play in a Christian school league, so they play other homeschool teams, as well as Christian schools. So proud of all the girls for their hard work over the very long volleyball season.

After the season was over, we had a Basketball and Volleyball Banquet. This years banquet had an Asian theme. It was a lot of fun, with a lot of good, homemade Asian food.

Pictured below is their trophy, laying down is a plaque for their coach, as well as a volleyball signed by all the girls for the coach. He had been their coach for the last three years, ever since the team started He is moving, so this was his last year. My husband made the wooden stand that the volleyball is on (Excuse the uniforms, etc. in the background. It was also turn in the uniforms night.)

volleyball trophy

The women that came up with the theme and decorations did a great job. This is the tea table with different kinds of tea you could make. There was also coffee in on of the carafes. They used one of the families souvenirs from their travels to decorate the table.

tea table

Here’s our dinner table. My husband, me, and Hannah. Abby was sitting with the team. We had some great dinner conversation with a family that we hadn’t talked with very much in the past. They were all smiles, too. lol

volleyball banquet

Some of the dinner tables were decorated with vases that contained goldfish. They were a fun addition to the tables. After the banquet, they were giving them away. Abby brought home two. Unfortunately, yesterday, one of them died. The last one seems to be hanging in there, though.

volleyball banquet fish

Abby has worked hard on her school work since volleyball ended. She has now finished this years work, except for a few science labs she still has to finish. She wants to graduate early, so wanted to start 10th grade right away. I gave her Geometry, American Goverment & Economics, and World Literature to get started on. When she finishes the physical science labs, I’ll add in the rest of her subjects. She’s dragging her feet about the experiments, so I’m holding those subjects hostage until she finishes. lol

Zach finished the spelling book he was in, as well as the handwriting book. He has been working on a couple of reviews with me, so I didn’t add any subjects back in yet.

He had great fun having an Easter egg hunt, even though it wasn’t Easter. Using the Egglo Glow in the Dark Eggs we reviewed. They really are a lot of fun, and the curriculum and activities are great. Zach’s looking forward to another egg hunt next month on the real Easter.


And that’s our homeschool week in review!

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  1. The banquet really looks fun! Congrats on 3rd place!!
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