Until My Name Is Known Book Review

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Until My Name is Known by Sonya Contreras is book one in the  Tell of My Kingdom’s Glory series. Until My Name is Known tells the story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. The book opens with Moses returning home and telling his wife Zipporah that God spoke to him at the burning bush.

Until My Name Is Known



Until My Name Is Known


The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a love story between God and His people. God woos His people to Himself as He prepares them to leave. Before leaving, God must fight Pharaoh for possession of His people. See how God changes all people: some for the better, others not. None stay the same. How will He change you? Can you trust a God Who destroyed a nation before your eyes? Would you want Him as your Friend?

See God free His people from Egypt’s bonds before a watching world. Trace His Finger in the lives He touches. The time: 2450 BC. The Place: Old Kingdom of Egypt where Pharaoh is god. His people worship him. Israel’s God arrives. He challenges Pharaoh. His power touches all people. They must change. Some do not concede. They suffer. Others yield. They find freedom.

Until My Name Is Known brings all to see the one true God. Read it to see Him. Today’s historians and archaeologists puzzle over the fall of the Old Kingdom of Egypt, But the world at that time heard of God. The world knew that He is the Lord. His Name was proclaimed in all the earth.




I like that Sonya Contreras uses the Bible, archaeological records, and historical records in the writing of this book. Because of the author using these records, you will see different names and places than in other books set in this same time period. In Until My Name is Known you will see what life, was possibly, really like for the Israelites. You’ll see, and understand a little better, what is was like to live through the 10 plagues.


The book ends after Moses and the Israelites cross the Red Sea. They watch as Pharaoh and his army are overcome with the waters of the Red Sea moving back into place. The really couldn’t believe their eyes. Was Pharaoh really defeated? Were they really free?

Once they realize that they really are free, they sing a song of praise to the God that delivered them from Pharaoh’s hand.

“The Lord is my strength and my song:

He has become my salvation.

He is my God… And I will exalt Him…”


You can read chapter 1 of Until My Name is Known on the authors website.


In the back of the book are the author’s remarks, a glossary, a bibliography, and more. I love when books contain this extra information for the reader.


Until My Name Is Known is not just a retelling of the same story that we all know. Until My Name is Known is a fresh telling with new archaeological  and historical information. I really liked reading Until My Name is Known. If you like to read Christian historical books, you will like Until My Name is Known.


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