Our Homeschool Update

Update!   There is some big news in our homeschool!


Abby, 16, has finished all her high school credits and is ready to graduate!


homeschool diploma


She doesn’t want to wear a cap and gown, but wanted a tassel. I bought her diploma and tassel from Home School Legal Defense Association. This  is our 5th child to graduate from our homeschool and they all have this some diploma. I hope HSLDA doesn’t change it before our youngest is ready to graduate. Maybe I should buy his now just to make sure!


We were going to have her graduation and party next Saturday, but we found out today that our church is having a hayride that day. It seems a bit ridiculous that we can’t seem to fit in graduation. I think we are going to have to have graduation one day and her party another. She wants only family for the actual graduation anyway, so that will work.


Abby went on a 7 week mission trip this past summer. I have so much to share about her trip! I am so proud of her for all her hard work, in school and for God. She is not going to college, but is planning on getting training for working with youth. She has found a youth leader academy that she wants to attend. If that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, she is looking at a missionary training Bible program.


So, now I am down to one homeschool student! I have been homeschooling since 1991, when our oldest son started kindergarten. Our oldest daughter is only 20 months younger then him, so she wanted to start school when he did. So I have never had one student!!


I’m pretty sure Zach, 15, does not like being my only student. lol He is now in 9th grade, and not really liking it.  He did 4-H Archery over the summer. He has also continued taking Kung Fu. He is now a green belt, the 3rd belt.


Zack Green Belt


He really likes Kung Fu and plans on going for his black belt. I’m hoping some of that determination and drive carries over to his schoolwork!


Now I have two of my 2013 homeschool graduates  decide that they might want to go to college after all. So I’m working on transcripts (This bad homeschool Mama hadn’t done them yet!) and making a few phone calls to help them out.


Not only is the homeschool student always learning, so is the homeschool Mama!


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