In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu

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I should know better. I do really. But for some reason I skipped making a menu the last couple of weeks. Our meals have suffered. Our nutrition has suffered. I have suffered.


Making a menu keeps me on track. It cuts down on the time I spend in the kitchen. Seeing our menu written down in black and white helps me to see what we are lacking in our diet, usually vegetables, and what we have too much off, usually carbs. ugh. I am better able to see what we are eating and what I need to do to get our nutrition where it should be.


Another plus to making a menu is I usually stick to what’s on the menu so I save myself the time of walling around the kitchen trying to come up with something to make.


I know that I am not alone with all of that. That’s why I encourage everyone to make a menu.


Now onto some yummy food pictures!


We, well, my son, cooked hamburgers over our fire pit.




I tried a new recipe from the Venison Cookery cookbook that I have. Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin. My pork bacon got lost, I later found it hiding behind the eggs, so I used turkey bacon. I think it would be better with pork, though.


I seasoned the tenderloin with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, then wrapped the bacon around it. I secured it with toothpicks. I then browned it in butter.


bacon wrapped venison tenderloin


After browning, the recipe said to cover the skillet, and let it cook, turning occasionally.


It came out great!


bacon wrapped venison tenderloin


It looked good after slicing!


bacon wrapped venison tenderloin


And looked great on my plate! I served it with homemade cheesy noodles and corn on the cob. Corn was on sale when I went shopping!


For the cheesy noodles, I cooked a package of egg noodles and drained them. I added some milk, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese. I didn’t measure anything, lol. Surprisingly, lol, they tasted pretty good!


venison tenderloin noodles corn


Sunday, we had BLT’s. Actually BLTC. Gotta have the cheese. Cheddar cheese slices to be exact. Yum!




Now that I made a menu for this week, I should have a much easier time in the kitchen this week!


In the Kitchen with Linda



In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu


Now…. to answer the question that I get asked about a hundred times a day……….What’s For Dinner?


Saturday – quick & easy- – Hot dogs, baked beans, salad

Sunday – soup & sandwich day – BLT sandwiches, chips

Monday – chicken or turkey –  Turkey, slow cooker mashed potatoes, peas

Tuesday – pizza/pasta –  Chicken Pasta salad made with turkey

Wednesday – Taco Night- Beef tacos with all the fixin’s

Thursday – pork or beef – Boneless pork chops, fried potatoes, ranch carrots, homemade applesauce

Friday venison  – Venison roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions in the slowcooker



For more ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday


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