It’s been one week today.


And I can still barely talk about it.


What was my in-law’s house, that is right next door to us, burned down. Two of our sons, and one’s fiancee lived there. We had split it up into 2 separate “apartments”.


For about 30 terrifying minutes, I thought one son & his fiancee were in there. (Other son was at work)




I had just talked to them about an hour and a half earlier, and they were there. He had gotten off work early, so was home. Otherwise, she would have been there by herself when the fire started. They don’t have a car, so I couldn’t tell if they were there or not, and they weren’t answering their cell phone.


I didn’t know that someone had picked them up.


So as far as I knew at the time, they were inside.  It was horrible.


They were out, and getting ready to go to the next town to go out to eat, when they saw smoke in our direction. They came over here to see what it was before they went.


Thank God they were not in the house!




So we have spent the last week shifting through the rubble trying to find anything that is left (there isn’t much, it burnt to the ground), trying to find places to live for them, replacing medicine, and a million other things that need to be done when you loose everything in a house fire.




We still had the majority of my husband’s parent’s belongings in the house. We had a lot of our stuff over there, too. Furniture, tools, hobby supplies (including all the model cars my husband, myself, and our 6 kids had made over the years), to name a few. Then our 2 sons, and a fiancee lost everything they owned.


There was no insurance. The fire department didn’t try to find out what caused it. Probably because the house burnt to the ground. Maybe because there was no insurance company to report to. Either way, we will never know what started it. We do know it wasn’t the wood stove that we used to heat with, as it had been warm here and there had been no fire in the stove for at least 3 days.


So much was lost in this fire. I still can’t even think straight.


But no lives were lost.


And that’s the most important thing!



(I could not bring myself to take any pictures during the fire. I borrowed this pictures from our fire department’s Facebook page. So photo credit to PCFD)

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  1. That sucks.. I can’t imagine. Prevention is key 😮

  2. My gosh!! I’ve been MIA for a few weeks with family over, so getting caught up on your posts. What a terrible thing, and I am so, so sorry for all of those material losses, but I am so, very thankful no lives were lost. What a horrible thing.