In the Kitchen with Linda – Easter

Our Easter dinner was really good. And really unusual.


We had 3 Easter dinners! One daughter that lives out of state was coming into town on Saturday but didn’t want to miss dinner. So Easter dinner #1 was that night.

He had ham, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, green beans, corn, stuffed eggs (you probably know them as deviled eggs), and Resurrection Rolls. For dessert we had yellow cake with chocolate frosting and banana pudding. I baked the cake, but my daughter frosted it.





The best time for one of my sons and his fiancee to come to dinner was Sunday right after church. that would be dinner #2.

We had ham, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, corn, stuffed eggs, Resurrection Rolls, cake, and banana pudding.


Banana Pudding


My husband had made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes on Saturday but we were running low for dinner #3 on Sunday night. I cheated a little. shhhhh. There was a packet of instant mashed potatoes for one of my sons in the pantry. Instead of making more mashed potatoes from scratch I made those, then stirred in the leftover homemade mashed potatoes. shhhhh don’t tell anyone! We were running out of other food, too. So Easter dinner #3 was smaller than the others.


We had to have dinner #3 because my married son had been with his wife’s family before coming here, so he missed dinner #2. And my college daughter tries to fit in as many home cooked meals as she can when she’s home. lol

We had ham, mashed potatoes, corn, Resurrection rolls. And the same desserts.

And those Resurrection rolls? They are so good! It’s a good thing I only make them on Easter! . We went through 48 rolls! Adding up all the dinners, we feed 27 of us overall. So not too bad on the count, but that’s still a LOT of rolls! lol


I don’t think I’ll be doing that many dinners again. For any holiday. If they can’t make the main dinner, then they can get out the left overs themselves when they get here and warm some up in the microwave. It was all just too much work and too many dishes!

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