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I hadn’t done any freezer cooking in a long time. I decided I was tired of cooking every night. lol So the last couple of weeks, I did 3 freezer cooking sessions, chicken, beef, & pork. I split it up into sessions instead of doing all in one day. Too tiring. lol And this way, I can buy whats on sale each week, do a session, and keep my freezer meals stocked. Here’s what I did….

For the beef session, I made taco meat, Cincinnati style chili, meatloaf, and just plain cooked hamburger to use for pasta. Everything is already cooked, and ready to thaw & heat. Sometimes, I freeze the meatloaf raw, but cooked it this time. I used 3 pounds of hamburger and 2 pounds of ground venison from the freezer. I had to defrost the venison, so had to cook it before refreezing.


Beef Freezer Session


For the pork session, I used recipes from My FreezEasy. I made Mediterranean Pork Chops, Garlic Parmesan Pork Chops, 2 – Skillet Ranch Porch Chops, and a slow cooker Maple Pork Roast. We’ve eaten some of these.  I still have the pan of Garlic Parm pork chops, and a ranch pork chop in the freezer. I also have 3 meals worth of kielbasa in the freezer waiting for some of our favorite meals.  On the menu this week I will be serving it with peppers & onions, and we have some in a skillet dinner over the weekend. Almost time to catch another pork sale!


Pork Freezer Session


Here’s a pick of the Mediterranean Pork Chops. Very quick and easy to make, both for the freezer, and when it’s time to cook for dinner. Check out the link above to My FreezEasy for these recipes!


Mediterranean Pork Chops


I also did a chicken session recently. I can’t find a picture, though, so I guess I didn’t take one. I make Italian Chicken, and BBQ Chicken with a mix of raw breast and thighs in each bag. I left a couple of breast uncooked plain in another bag, to use for whatever I decide. I cooked several breasts, and they are waiting in the freezer for Chicken Alfredo, or to put on salads.


Doing meat specific freezer sessions are an easy way to get your freezer stocked without have to buy a whole months food at once.  Or spend all day in the kitchen!



In the Kitchen with Linda



In the Kitchen with Linda & Dinner Menu


Now…. to answer the question that I get asked about a hundred times a day……….What’s For Dinner?


Saturday – quick & easy- Sausage Pasta Skillet Dinner, green beans, corn

Sunday – soup & sandwich day – dinner out

Monday – chicken or turkey –  Baked bbq chicken, baked potatoes, zucchini

Tuesday – pizza/pasta – Cincinnati style Chili, green beans

Wednesday – Taco Night- tacos with all the fixings, homemade taco sauce

Thursday – pork or venison – Kielbasa with peppers and onions, mac & cheese, salad

Friday venison  – venison meat in gravy over rice, beets




For more ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday

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